Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

If asked a month ago where the wild things are I would have answered "my house". I had no idea a book by that name even existed. Greg on the other hand not only knew it existed, it was his favorite child hood book. Needless to say he was rather excited to see it was coming to the theaters as a movie.

I surprised him and purchased the book (I wrote a little something inside it.) and one of the monster figures from the book for him. I now know the monster's name is Carol. I placed the book and the monster in a bright pink gift bag which when opened played the song Wild Thing very loudly. I gave the bag to a friend (Mike Roop) at church who then gave it to Greg while he was in the green room awaiting to go on stage for a drama. He loved it.

I asked him to read the book to us because neither Les, Nick or I had ever read this book. I found out we were in the minority..... many people know of this book and it was their favorite book as well. Obviously it is a popular book if they made a movie off it. Not sure where I was growing up to not hear about it. My mother read to me A LOT and I as a mother read to our kids A LOT. I guess I spent too much time up in the Chicka-Chicka- Boom-Boom Tree.

Nick and I took Greg to see the movie this weekend. I have to admit it is a really cute movie.

The book is a child's picture book and it must have been difficult to create a 90 minute movie out of a 2 minute book. Greg was nervous they would mess it all up and ruin the book. He was pleasantly surprised to see as they created personalities for all the monsters in the movie they did a great job following the story line of the book. It is rated PG because Carol gets very angry in one scene and it could frighten a small child.

I liked the book AND the movie, however I think if still asked where the wild things are I would still say my house. Seriously.... have you been to my house?

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