Saturday, October 10, 2009

My little man is growing up.

Tonight was Centerville's Homecoming and our little man's first dance. After all the hard work to find shoes that fit, a tie that matched his date's dress and a black shirt it was all worth it.... he looked so very handsome.

Nick and his date Lauren looked very nice together. I was very proud to see his tie matched her dress perfectly.

After arriving at Lauren's house for pictures we realized Nick was actually going to the dance with not 1 girl, but 3 girls. Lauren and 2 of her friends.... very pretty friends I might add.

Nick went to dinner with these three girls and then to the dance with these three girls. They all four danced together, after I asked however we found out he only slow danced with Lauren. (Thank goodness)

After hearing about all the types of dancing that takes place at these dances from Dr. Phil, I was glad to hear from his big sister(she kept an eye on him) that everything went very well at the dance. Nothing inappropriate was displayed to take away his innocence.

This is innocence at its best.... he had to squeeze in a few more minuted of game time before heading to the dance.

Long story short.... our little man had a great time with his three dates and enjoyed his first slow dance with a girl tonight and his mother thought he was the best looking freshman at the dance.

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