Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Smoke Out

My dad had a smoke out last week while my Uncle Ron and his family were in town. I call it a smoke out because it isn't a "cook"out.... he uses his smoker and smokes all kinds of meat. So.... its a smoke out instead.

The food again was amazing and we had a great night for sitting on the deck. He smoked ham, chicken, pork tenderloin, and ribs. He made baked beans, salad, baked potatoes and brownies. It was VERY yummy.

My dad has an old, dead tree in his back yard which needs to come down. He was hoping to have all the guys help him cut it down sometime this past week but it was
too windy. Everyone decided the night of the smoke out to grab a hold of the rope tied to the tree and start pulling to see if they could get it to fall. It was quite a sight to watch. I had the video camera ready so we could win Funniest Video.

Then they thought maybe they would go ahead and cut it down since everyone was there. Amy and I were laughing at their measuring techniques. They had my Uncle Ron stand at the base of the tree and then they measured how many "Rons" there were all the way up the tree by closing one eye and looking between their fingers. It really was fun to watch.... and they say women are funny.

Maya enjoyed making leaf piles and jumping in them....

It was a great evening spent with family. We said as we drove home that night we wished Ron and Debbie and their kids lived closer so we could spend more time with them. I think Dad's smoke outs are starting to become not an annual event, but a quarterly event. He makes a great meal and now that he has a hot tub, fire pit and new deck, he has the perfect location for family gatherings. Thanks Dad for another great meal!

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