Monday, July 19, 2010

I went Sky Diving....

This is the song Les has been singing when she mentions her sky diving adventure...  It was quite an experience for all who was involved and not just my dad and Les who jumped.

Leslie's graduation gift from my dad was a gift of sky diving.  My mom purchased my dad a gift certificate to sky dive over 12 years ago.  He didn't use it until this year and Les wanted to go with him.  I must say I was not super pumped about the idea.   Les is our adrenaline junkie and if she was going to jump out of an airplane I thought it was better she did it with my dad because I sure wasn't going to do it with her.

We drove to Xenia for the jump. 

My dad and Les had to sign their life away while they watched a training video on what to do.

Then the instructions from her jump partner....
Then the gear....


Then we waited and waited...there was a weather delay and we all had to sit and wait for the storm to pass over.  It was very hot and muggy.  

Leslie's friend Tom came along to take pictures... he wasn't planning on a weather delay either.

Grandma trying out the hanging swing...
 Leslie's parachute partner...

They were all set to go after an hour or so and just as they were getting ready to get on the plane another weather delay came across the radio.  We sat for at least another 1 and 40 minutes before the storm cleared enough for them to try again.  This time it was the real thing.

Heading out to the plane....

Getting on the plane....
Thumbs up... lets do this.

Peepaw is ready too...
No turning back now...

There goes Peepaw...

One..... Two......



Time to open the chute...

Here she comes...

Here comes Peepaw...

Wow, that was soooo cool...

Dad and Les running to meet one another after the jump..

We did it!

After a very long day of sitting in the heat and rain Les and Dad shared an amazing experience together.  One they will not soon forget.  We stood on the ground watching the plane climb higher and higher and was able to follow their chutes down to the ground.  I was happy when they were both safe, back on the ground where they belong. :)

Here is the video of Leslie's jump:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leslie's High School Graduation 2010


Les is now an official High School Graduate.

She was so pretty in her cap and gown. 

 I think had I smiled any more that day my face would have contorted to staying in that position indefinitely.

I was proud of myself as I only teared up a bit as the students marched in and I blame that on the music.  Anything put to music will may me cry.. happy or sad.

We sat close enough so Les could see us and she looked up at us several times during the ceremony with a smile. 


  Greg and I could have burst we had so much pride and love for her as we watched her those 2 hours.

Les with her good friend Jill.

Les with her Advisory for the past 4 years Penny Valentini

Leslie was supported by family who loved her enough to sit through a two hour ceremony.

Grandma and Grandpa Jergens

 Uncle Jamie, Aunt Amy and Cousin Maya


 Great Grandma Hoff

 Cousins Tom and Grace

 The family

 Les and Maya


Graduation Partay! 2010

The event we spent most of Leslie's senior year planning finally came and went without a hitch. Weather was great, decorations all came together, the amount of food and beverages was spot on and the smile on her face made all the time and effort worth it.

Thank you to all our friends and family for your support. It warmed our hearts to see so many great people supporting us and our daughter. A big Thank You to Linda Seitter and her family for helping us set up for the party,  and to Linda for all her advice. It was priceless having a friend who already did this once and who was willing to share all her wisdom. Not to mention the reservation for the shelter, this seriously would not have been such a success with out you Linda. I am eternally grateful for you and our friendship.

Also, another big Thank You to Chris and Diane who spent an entire day baking and cutting brownies and rice crispy treats for our chocolate fountain. (the main attraction). Your treats were a huge hit and I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would probably be in an institution right now if I had to bake all the brownies and crispy treats on top of everything else that needed to be done. We love you both.

The Decorations...

Center Piece

The Shrine of Leslie...

The Chocolate Fountain

Approval at its best. :)

Yummies to dip into the chocolate fountain....

The Love....

Neighbors Judy and Larry

Friends and Neighbors Joy and Mike

Leslie's friend Matt

Friends the Cottermans

Leslie's friend David


Leslie's favorite teacher Mr. Erwin

Les and Jill

Leslie and Tom

Les and I with all the Great Grandmas

Les and Great Grandma Jergens

Les and Great Grandma Hoff

Les with Great Grandma Gretchen

Friends Pat and Melanie

Friends the Smith's

Les with Jack and Jill (nope... didn't go up a hill)

Les with Mom and Dad

Friends The Yount's

Friends the Seitter's

Friends the Mathews

Les with Peepaw

Family Aunt Robin and Cousin Danielle from KY

Friends the Eyre's

Friends and Neighbors Janice and Pat

Friends and Neighbors Keith and Elizabeth

Friends The Gill's

Friends the Rohr's

Friends the Wolfe's

Grandma and Grandpa Jergens

Family Uncle Jamie, Aunt Amy and  Cousin Maya
Friends Deborah and Owen Mace

Friends the Tomasoski's


Family Cousin Glenda and Family


Chocolate faces.... 





Nick loved the balloons.....

As the day came to a close it was some what emotional as we took down decorations, put away food and loaded up the vehicles with all our stuff.  The day we had been planning, for what seemed like all year long, was over.  We have been planning a long time for many events that have and will take place this year.  This party was very superficial in comparison.  

I knew I would become emotional with Leslie graduating this year but I didn't know when it would hit me.  It hit me while driving home from the party (how convenient especially since I was the only one in the car and I was driving).  I was out of planning mode and reality had a chance to sink in.  The day we have been planning for the past 18 years is here.  Our beautiful daughter is a high school graduate and she will soon become a fledgling leaving her nest to pave the road to the rest of her life. I am excited to have a front row seat on this journey and pray God continues to guide, protect and speak to her as she continues her walk away from home.

As I look back at these photos of Leslie's party I can't help but think of the saying "It takes a village to raise a child".  How very true.  Each and every person in these pictures had a role in getting Leslie where she is today.  Some have been direct, some have been indirect, but all needed just the same.

We are blessed to have family and friends and couldn't be more thankful for all of them. 

Many loved one's from out of state supported Leslie too but could not make it to the party.  They are not present in pictures but were present in her heart.