Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deciding to "Pass it On"

The decision has been made, we are now officially Wittenberg Tigers. (Well, not officially... we still have to mail in our commitment check) However our minds are finally at ease over a college decision in the Jergens home.

We visited Wittenberg last Saturday for the second time and they again made our visit very enjoyable. The campus is beautiful, the professors are engaging and passionate, and the dorm bathrooms are CLEAN! :)

Wittenberg is a Liberal Arts College where they put a lot of emphasis on the well rounded student. Leslie will be given many opportunities to grow not only academically but as a person too. A certain number of community service hours must be completed prior to graduation and several mission trips are available for students to take as well.

She is excited for the many opportunities to study abroad and the possibility to take part in the service dog training program. She plans to major in Biology and minor in Environmental Science with the hopes to work in the field of invasive species.

Here are a few pictures of the campus. Can't wait to get pictures when the trees and flowers are in full bloom.

This is the Wittenberg seal. It is in the center of campus and the legend is if you step on it you will fail your next exam, class etc. The students go out of their way NOT to touch the seal all throughout their four years at Wittenberg.

The freshman ceremony will walk the the freshman students pass the seal where they will walk around the seal to the other side of campus. At the end of their four years, during the senior ceremony, they will reverse their walk across campus where the seniors will step, stomp, roll, and kiss the seal as they pass by.

This is the new freshman dorm.... VERY nice... and they can do laundry for free! :)

The student union.... some good places to eat in here.



Another dorm



We are excited for Les and are excited and proud to become Wittenberg parents. Go Tigers!