Friday, October 9, 2009

Murphy's Bell

Nick purchased a service bell a couple weeks ago. He claims he has wanted a service bell his whole life; apparently we have deprived him as parents. He brought this bell home, sat it beside the back door and said " Let's train Murphy to ring the bell when he needs to go out". I thought it couldn't hurt and it could actually be pretty cute if he did learn it.

Well, he learned VERY quickly and at times instead of being cute it is rather annoying. He rings it and rings it and then stares at you like "well, are you gonna get off your butt and let me out?" Other times however it is very cute and it makes me smile. I will spend the rest of my free time trying to teach him to clean toilets.

Silly dog.... tricks are for kids. :) Now every time he rings the bell I hear the song... You Can Ring My Belllllllllllll, Ring My Bell. Classic 70's song... click here if you have never heard it.

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