Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Kitchen Aid Experience

This past weekend was the 90th anniversary of Kitchen Aid. They placed an add in the paper stating "buy one accessory get the second for .90". We thought this was worth the drive so we drove out to Greenville to check out the store/factory. I had no idea Kitchen Aid mixers were made in Greenville did you? My grandmother did some research on the computer last year and found out we had a factory right here in Greenville.

The store was amazing, Kitchen Aid accessories and appliances as far as the eye could see. Of course I wanted everything but we had to be realistic. I did want to purchase an attachment to help me make apple sauce. I had picked 3 bushels of apples the week prior and I REALLY wanted the apple sieve.

Greg made the mistake of telling me to get whatever I needed. The word "need" can mean different things to different people.

We walked all around the store, made our purchase and then noticed there were stairs leading downstairs. Downstairs we found small, museum type displays of Kitchen Aid mixers around the room. This one is a 1 million dollar mixer.... real gold plated.

Did you know Kitchen Aid made dishwashers? I didn't.

Then they had a mixer for each decade. It was neat to see all that has changed and all that has stayed the same through the years.

This particular mixer was used to make baked goods for soldiers during the war. Later they donated it to Kitchen Aid after purchasing a new one.

This was our purchase......

and this is the finished product. I can't wait to take a day to make our apple sauce and any other apple treat we desire. Fall is good.

If you own a Kitchen Aid mixer, or if you desire to own a Kitchen Aid mixer this is a store you will want to visit. The prices are the cheapest you will find and you don't have to pay for shipping. If you visit Monday through Friday either at 10:00am or 1:00 pm you can tour the factory and see how the mixers are made. Very cool place, I myself will be returning after I save up for my next coveted Kitchen Aid appliance.... the food processor. :)

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