Thursday, October 29, 2009

The "not so suspicious" van damage

Last night, while we were leaving our house to go out to dinner, we noticed a HUGE scratch/dent running along side the back half of our NEW van. (Quite the appetite suppressor I must say). Did I mention that our van is NEW? The only new vehicle we have ever purchased in our lifetime.

Greg walked out the door and immediately said "Oh my gosh.... what in the world?" and ran over to the van bent over so he could look at it closer. I was behind him so I didn't see it until he stepped out of the way and then my stomach dropped. I was the last person to drive the van yesterday ( I am pretty much the ONLY person who drives the van during the day). Needless to say I was sick... my mind started racing trying to think of how this horrific damage was done to the van.

I didn't hit anything, and I only drove to the end of the street where I work. How on earth could this have happened in the 2 minutes I drove the van? The only thing I could think of was maybe someone hit me in the parking lot as they were pulling in or driving out.

Greg said it was a jagged scratch and it didn't look like a bumper from a car. The entire drive down to both our grandma's houses I was reenacting my 2 minute drive to and from work. Could I have hit something and not have felt it? Where did I park? How did I enter and exit the parking lot? What did I drive past?

Greg then asked me if there was a brick wall around our building. I said "yes, there is a stone wall", but I didn't think I drove near it that day. Do you know how when you do the same thing day in and day out it kinda runs together and you forget if you did it or not?

I couldn't remember where I had parked that day in particular. Did I park in the pull through spot that day or was that the day before? Did I pull out of the lot next to the stone wall or did I exit the lot through the Las Piramides Restaurant?

I felt like the son of Bill Cosby who came home from school with a reverse Mohawk. I felt like every question Greg asked me I answered....I dunno. Son, (Rachael) was your head (van) with you all day today... uuhuh.... then what happened to your hair (van)? I dunno....... Have you seen Bill Cosby's act? If not you really need to watch it here.

The more I thought about the location of the scratch, and the height of the stone wall at work, the more I started to think I HAD to have hit the wall. Seriously? Who can scratch their van on a stone wall and not feel it?

Greg was still trying to make me feel better by saying "Honey, maybe someone side swiped you with a wheel barrel or something, or maybe a ladder." Yeah right.

We drove over to the parking lot after dinner and Greg acted a lot like Yukon Cornelius (you know, when he would lick and smell his axe..... I said AXE ).

He smelled the van, then smelled the stone wall, touched the van then touched the stone wall.... I swear he licked it but he says he didn't. The scratch was identical to the height and pattern of the stone wall. I am no detective, but I do watch CSI and I believe the crime has been solved.

I am guilty as charged. I plan to buy a really good pair of snow boots so I can walk to work this winter. If I do this kind of damage on a sunny day what on earth will happen when there is snow on the ground?

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