Friday, October 9, 2009

Crime Scene Investigators

We have watched Survivor with our good friends and neighbors, Joy and Mike, down the street for years now. It is quite a production when we all get together on Thursday nights. We always have good food but Mike is turning into a gourmet cook. He now makes incredible appetizers that you could expect to see at the finest parties. I am feeling a little inferior when it is our turn to host. Every other week however we eat really well at the Pierce's. :)

Needless to say the actual show is not all that great anymore, but we still meet every Thursday night to eat good food with great friends. We look forward to it each week. A few seasons ago Greg and I found Survivor shirts at a local store here in town. We had to buy them. When the night came for us to host, we greeted them at the door wearing our Survivor shirts and placed theirs on the couch where they normally sit. We laughed and they thought they were great and from that point on we have all been wearing our survivor shirts on Thursday nights.

You are probably wondering why I titled this post Crime Scene Investigators.... hang with me, I promise it will make sense.

When the kids were young our evening had to end immediately following Survivor because the kids needed to be in bed for school the next day. Through the years CSI has started to creep in slowly. It started with us having the kids leave the room for 2 minutes when CSI started so Greg and I could watch the opening scene, then we would drive home, put the kids to bed and finish watching it just he and I. Then when we would host, Joy and Mike started staying at our place the extra hour to watch CSI with us. We could put the kids to bed and still watch it.

By the time the kids were in Junior High and High School we allowed them to watch it with us and we started to stay at the Pierce's 2 hours instead of one. CSI then became a permanent part of the Thursday night line up with Joy and Mike.

The kids have lives of their own now and they join us when they can, but mostly it is just the adults now for the Thursday night line up. Greg and Mike have a great time solving the crime before the CSI team does and without their wit the show wouldn't be nearly as good.

Last week it was our turn to host. We watched Survivor with our blue survivor shirts on and everything was the same as it always has been. When it was time for CSI to start Joy excused herself and I heard the front door open and close. I looked at Mike and said "where is she going?" He said " Oh, she went out to the car for something." She came back in with 4 CSI hats for all of us to wear. We laughed and laughed.

They had them for us the week prior, which was the CSI premier, but we had a family emergency and didn't watch it with them so they brought them over to our place the following week.

This week the kids blessed us with their presence at the Pierce's so we asked them to take a picture of us with our gear. I think we look pretty good don't you think?

We look prepared to survive any environment and if one of us doesn't make it we also have the tools to figure out why. Who says you can't learn anything from TV. :) Does anyone know of a Thursday night show that airs from 10:00-11:00 who also has lounge pants with the show's logo on it? :)

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  1. Your TV attire is AWESOME! Can't wait to see how you add to it with each additional program.....