Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football House Party

Yes, we had a football house party. It all began very innocently with a simple email sent to Gregory from Microsoft asking him to host a Window 7 house party. Greg signed up to host a Windows 7 party because in doing so Microsoft sent us a free copy of Windows 7. He was confirmed as an "official" Windows 7 host (which only a certain number of people were selected) and that is when it all began. In this email was the link to the house party website.

Did you know you can sign up to have house parties and they send you boxes of free stuff? Along with the Windows 7 house party (which we have not had yet) Greg signed up to host a Ford Football Party.

They told him there was a possibility Ford would drop off a brand new 2o10 Ford Taurus for our guests to drive while they were at our party, (they didn't).

They did however mail us a HUGE box of free stuff to hand out at our party. Inside the box: 10 foam footballs, 10 cozies, 10 football key chains, 20 thunder sticks, a football helmet chip and dip bowl and a huge banner to hang outside our home.

We watched the Bengals Sunday football game; they lost of course but it was fun watching the game with our thunder sticks, chip and dip in our football helmet bowl and a pot of chili.

Doby enjoyed some chili too.....

Ford clearly has more money than Microsoft because our box of goodies for the Windows 7 house party is a joke in comparison. Gotta love Microsoft, more house party footage to come later..... Have you driven a Ford today???.............. Me neither. :)

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