Friday, May 29, 2009

Nick the builder...

This past weekend Greg took on the big project of taking down Leslie's loft in her bedroom. He built these lofts in the kid's room several years ago; we have cathedral ceilings so the lofts were high enough that it provided a second floor to their rooms. The kids have loved them; they used to have their beds up in their lofts when they were younger and then as they got older they turned into club houses and "hang" out space. These past few years they have turned into storage space (which I have enjoyed) :)

Les decided she would like to open up her room and have her loft removed since she asked for hard wood floors for her birthday gift this year. ( I know... weird gift but she chose it).

Greg is great when it comes to building... he is great in general, but especially with handy work. He removed Leslie loft within minutes and then used almost ALL the wood to build shelves in our play room closet. Now I have lots of room to store pots and pans and all my Tupperware and Pampered Chef items which continually fall out of our cupboards each time we open the door.

Nicholas had asked if he could help his father when the time came to build the shelves; he is starting to take an interest in work around the house... such a little man. :) Greg used this as an opportunity to teach Nick. He showed Nick the proper way to use and hold a saw, drill, screw driver etc... Nick took all the measurements for the project and was extremely precise on each one. They worked well together and within no time at all our shelves were created and ready for use.

Greg used a similar opportunity with Leslie when she was about the same age as Nick. She wanted a shelf built for her room to hold her many aquariums full of creatures. She and Greg worked one afternoon together to build her shelf and she too learned how to use her father's tools.

I am sure Nick will have more opportunities than she will to use tools in his life time, but it is a good thing for a girl to know. I remember working many afternoons and evening with my dad while he worked on our cars growing up and while he worked on my car before I was married. I was taught the difference between a philips head and flat head screw driver, I helped bleed brakes and trouble shoot car problems. I am blessed to have married a man who already knew all these things and much more, but had I not, I would have at least known the basics.

I also sprayed Nick with Silly strings later in the day... as you can see he was not very happy about it. I did feel bad about it for a while.. but then he jumped out from behind a corner to scare me 3 times this week so I don't feel bad anymore. What now Nick??? Click here for an earlier blog and more understanding of the "what now" statement.

I have a lot to be thankful for..... but today... I am thankful for all the men in my life... I have a great dad, a sweet brother, a wonderful, perfect husband and the best son any mother could ever ask for. God is very good to me for reasons I will never understand.

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  1. Shouldn't Nick have shoes on standing so close to Greg with a saw?!?!?!? smile