Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Practice for prom...

We played dress up last night and practiced hair styles for prom. We are still somewhat undecided for Leslie as to how to style her hair. We would love to leave her hair down if we knew it would hold. She has beautiful thick hair but it does not hold curl very well, especially while dancing. (which works well for her every other day of the year) We have an idea ... so we will go with that. I typically do my best work spontaneously under pressure so we will see.

We were able to find a style for her friend Jill however so the evening was not a total bust. Plus we had fun talking and curling. :)

I will feel better on Saturday AFTER all the hair is styled hopefully with all the girls loving their hair and feeling beautiful for Prom.

Here are some photos of our test run.....

Plans are as follows:
Manicure and pedicure at noon
Friend #1 Allison arrives at 2:30 for her hair "appointment",
Friend #2 Jill arrives at 3:30 for her hair "appointment",
Leslie's hair "appointment" at 4:30.
Anthony (date) arrives at 5:30 for pictures,
Over to another friends house at 6:00 for group pictures,
Dinner reservations at 7:00
Prom 8:00-11:00
After prom 12:30-4:30 (which Greg and I are chaperoning)
After after prom 4:30-? at our house.

All day Mother's Day spent in bed........... priceless. :)

Still need to purchase lots of hair spray, hair clips, snacks and maybe a 24 pack of red bull for mom. :)

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