Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This blog is for sweet Peanut. Our Aunt Candace had to have her sweet Peanut put to sleep this week. Peanut was a wonderful dog and I know this decision is weighing heavy on their hearts. I thought since we have pictures and memories of Peanut (and since we are across the country from them and cannot say a few words at his grave) that I would honor him in my blog.

Peanut was the kind of dog you fell in love with at first sight. He had a bouncy personality and was ready for fun any time of day. He loved to play, go for walks and snuggle. I know you are reading this and thinking..." well, he sounds like any other dog"... he wasn't. There are some dogs who come into your life and they well exceed all others and Peanut was one of them.

We too had a dog in our life that well exceeded all other dogs (another blog another time) so we know how hard it is for Peanut's family to say goodbye to him.

Peanut loved to steal our socks out of our suitcases when we would visit. He would sometimes sneak in while we were sleeping and nose open our suitcase for his enjoyment. When Peanut would sit and look up at you he had the perfect little pose; his feet would come together like a ballerina in first position.

He would spend hours playing with our kids when they were younger. He would entertain them by grabbing one of their toys and then running off with it. He would stay just far enough out of reach that they could never catch him.

Peanut would stay pool side with us during our stay with him. He would sun himself on our towels, shirts or anything else we laid by the pool. He also loved to sleep in the bird bath and on the coiled up hose. We will miss our sweet Peanut.

Rest in peace sweet Peanut... we will always remember you and be grateful for the joy you brought to everyone.

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