Friday, May 22, 2009

Olive Garden

Leslie's birthday celebrations have begun. Now that the kids are older we have a family dinner followed by a friend party sometime later. Not sure how that all got started but it keeps everyone happy. Plus it keeps grandpa and grandma's from having to sit through loud music and teenage humor. Her "friend" party has been scheduled for some time in June.

This past Sunday we had a small gathering of family to celebrate Leslie's 17th birthday at the Olive Garden. We met after church and enjoyed time together over an Italian meal with a Funfetti cake (Leslie's favorite... and mine) to follow.

Our server was not the best, but the food was good....(It bothers me when a server is really bad and because you are in a "group" they get the 18 percent gratuity anyway. With the gratuity built in they don't have to give you any service at all and they still get a huge tip!.... then he had the nerve to ask if we needed any change back from paying our bill... YES!!!! ) Sorry, .....not a very good attitude.....I have no idea what kind of day this young man was having and until I have walked in his shoes I will keep my mouth shut! Who knows what was going on in his life and then this family walks in thinking the world revolves around them and their "birthday party".

Anyway,..... here are some photos of our dinner at the Olive Garden. :)

Yay, Bath and Body Works

Nick being cool....and looking like Cousin It.

Maya hamming it up...

Lovin the bread sticks... they should use her for their commercials...

Can we go now please???

Leslie was afraid the smoke detectors would go off after blowing out her candles.

They didn't....

Rock star Maya...

Greg and Jamie always take close up pictures of one another at all family functions and Holidays... not sure why but they have done this for years... I guess they find it funny. :)

Good dinner, good company, good time had by all.....

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  1. Great Pics!!! Sorry I could not stay long!!!! Can I come to the "friend one" I still feel like I am 17. =)