Monday, May 4, 2009

What a wonderful sunny weekend!

We had a great weekend; so much was accomplished and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was a pleasant surprise to not have rain this weekend. (although I know we need the rain; it was a nice break).

I am rather weird.... I know I am weird in many ways, but lets stay focused on the reason I feel I am weird today.... I love mulch. I love the smell of mulch, I love the feel of mulch, and I especially love the way mulch looks in the yard. (I have never tasted mulch, not even while pregnant, I know some women are dirt eaters when they are pregnant but that was never me). Greg asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and I told him mulch... he said " I am serious, what would you like?" I told him I really want mulch.

This love of mulch would explain my excitement when Greg called the Mulch Man Saturday morning. I couldn't wait to have our mulch delivered; I always take an active role in our landscape mulching. One year our mulch was delivered during the week while Greg was at work so I started spreading it before he was home. It started to rain and I continued to work. By the time I had all the mulch spread I had it all over me from head to toe, I even found some behind my ears during my shower. I loved every second of it. Should I be concerned for my love of dirt and mulch??? I don't typically like to "play in the dirt", however there is something about spring, landscapes and mulch that really gets my blood pumping. I love my Mother's Day present and I love how our house looks with our new mulch.

I was blessed with the opportunity to style a dear friend's daughter's hair for prom this weekend as well. I cleaned up a bit and drove over after mulching our yard with many apologies for my manure smell. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of her big day. We sat and talked for nearly 2 hours while curling and spraying. She looked absolutely beautiful! I now feel a little more prepared to style Leslie's hair this weekend for her prom as well as 2 of her girlfriend's hair too.

Here are some photos of the hair styling....

Here is Pippy Long Stocking... I mean me doing Kim's hair.

Pretty Shirley Temple curls...

The secret ingredient....

Isn't she beautiful??? Her beauty has very little to do with her hair though.

We were also able to squeeze in a some visits with family, church, a Bible study with dear friends, grocery, cleaning and a cram session with Leslie to finish her genealogy scrap book which is due today.

It wasn't a relaxing weekend by any means, however we were able to get a little bit of everything done and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I hope your weekend was as bright as mine, Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to my brother Jamie. :)

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