Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boycots and Bananas

Today I filled out an email survey... you know.. the ones who ask you your favorite everything. I have decided that those surveys were not written to help you learn more about that particular person... they were written to stir the pot amongst friends. Why else would they write questions like "Who is most likely to send this back?" "Whose answers are you looking forward to reading the most?" "Who do you hope sends this back?" There's no other reason for placing those types of questions in surveys other than to cause trouble. I am now boycotting these types of questions. I will tell you all my favorite everythings, however, I will not answer the friend, trouble causing questions. :)

Also, today while packing my children's lunch I became frustrated as I looked at my browning bunch of bananas. My kids love bananas but I cannot pack them in their lunches. Have you eaten a lunch where a banana has been packed in it?? Notice anything different? If you pack a banana in your lunch you will then have a banana sandwich, chips, pretzels... you get the idea.

Bananas are limited to snack time at home. I only eat them when they are almost green so as I watch my bananas start to slowly turn brown I start to panic wondering if they will go to waste.... boy it sure would be nice to pack them in lunches.

Greg purchased Leslie some "baby bananas" (she likes exotic fruits so he always looks for something different for her to try) apparently they taste like a regular banana but with an extra kick of banana flavor... a banana x 10.

The fork is there to help show the size of these little guys.

I packed one of those little guys in Leslie's lunch today... it could go one of two ways... 1 it is small so maybe it won't make everything taste like a banana, or 2 it is more potent than a normal banana so everything will taste even MORE like banana. I will let you know. If you know how to pack a banana in a lunch without the banana flavor leakage please let me know.

I think sometimes we are a lot like bananas...I think we ooze what is inside us too. Have you ever spent the day with a really negative person? Or, have you been the negative person for the day??? How does the day turn out for you.. or as Dr. Phil would say "How is that working for ya?" I know if I am negative or if I am around a negative person everyone and everything becomes negative and the day turns sour. Or, if you talk about other people in a negative light or if you are around people who talk about other people.... suddenly the person who is being talked about is not all that perfect in your eyes anymore. You may not have had a problem with that person before your conversation with your friend but you sure do now.

It can go the other way too... if you are positive and happy than everyone around you has no choice but to be happy and positive. Even if they started out in a bad mood it is hard to stay in a bad mood when you are around someone uplifting and positive.

Psalm 16:9 says "Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure."

Dom DeLuise died this week of cancer and Greg read me a statement from Burt Reynolds... he said "Dom always made you feel better when he was around and that he never said an unkind word about anyone." Greg said "I would like that to be said of me some day when I am gone". I too want to make people feel better when they are around me... I want to always speak highly about a person even if the person I am talking to doesn't know the other person. God created each of us and I think it makes him sad to hear us thinking or speaking unkindly of one another. We all deserve for others to see the good in us instead of the bad.

I pray my "banananess" today will be good and positive so that every one packed in my day today will take on my positive attitude. My goal is to be positive even when it is hard and everything around me is negative. I will find something positive about everyone and everything fact... if my bananas don't get eaten I will just make yummy banana pudding. How is that for positive?? :)

Have a great day!

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  1. You know that you can freeze rotten bananas for use in pies and stuff later.