Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great News! Thank you God!

Just wanted to take a moment today to say thank you God for answering prayers concerning a dear friend of ours.

One of our friends, who also is our neighbor, (same good friends I played a horrible joke on a while back) had some muscle pain, heaviness in her chest, as well as some swelling in her legs last week. She scheduled an appointment with her family doctor to see what the problem was. They thought the pain in her muscles may be due to the cholesterol medication she recently started taking. They did some blood work, urine analysis, CAT scan of her legs to rule out blood clots as well as an EKG on her heart (she also has a pacemaker so the heart is always a concern) and sent her back to work.

Later in the day the doctor called her at work to inform her the EKG came back with abnormalities and he wanted her to go to the ER. Once in the ER they started talking about congested heart failure; she was scheduled for a CAT scan of her heart.

The CAT scan ruled out congested heart failure (which was a blessing) so her cardiologist decided ordered a heart cath . He went right to the source and found her main artery 85% blocked before AND after the stint they put in a little over a year ago. Once out of recovery the heaviness in her chest was lifted and the swelling started to go down. They drained over 2 liters of fluid out of her body.

We received a phone call from her husband telling us the good news and that she was coming home. YAY!

Later that day she felt intense pain in her groin and abdomen area. Her husband called for a nurse and they immediately started working on her. Apparently the "plug" (natural blood clot from the procedure) had come loose and she was bleeding internally. Several nurses were on her bed pressing on her groin to keep pressure on the area that was bleeding out. They had to rush her to get another CAT scan to see how much bleeding she had internally. Her blood pressure continued to drop and they had to hook her heart up to a defibrillator. You can imagine the fear they must have had. We did not know any of this was taking place until after it was all finished but I couldn't imagine the panic they must have felt.

She is now home and is resting and we all couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Lord for looking over our dear friend and for bringing her through such a stressful experience.

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