Friday, May 1, 2009

Rough week...

This week has been rough....(so I am going to complain about it) not necessarily Sunday through Saturday kind of week but more like last Thursday through this Thursday. I am not counting today... today is Friday and Friday's are good right?

Monday started with an intense pain in my abdomen. I called to made an appointment with my doctor and scheduled it for Tuesday at 2:15. The pain was very similar to the back labor I experience while giving birth to our son Nick. By the time of my appointment my pain had eased up a bit in my abdomen but had worsened in my back and leg. Apparently I had an ovarian cyst that had ruptured and endometriosis was wrapped around my sciatic nerve which was causing me neurological pain in my back and leg. Ahhhhh, the joys of being a woman. :)

Wednesday the pain was a dull ache and I could move around much better. I was happy to feel better for many reasons but mainly because Greg and I had a special weekend planned and I wanted to feel good. We have attened the Mix 107.7 Retro Prom for years... we didn't go last year so we were excited to go again this year. The evening usually consists of dinner prior to prom, dancing and fun with friends during prom and then a hotel stay with free breakfast following prom. We dress up and have a wonderful time together. I had been looking forward to this night for months.

Friday I noticed I had a scratchy throat, but I pushed it aside thinking it was my allergies since the pollen had been so high in the air. Saturday I attended my zumba class thinking if I work out and release some endorphins I will feel better and it will help me shake off this week and have a great time that night with Greg. It was wishful thinking. ... by the time we arrived at the hotel to check in and get our room sickness had set in. Greg was sweet and ran to the store and bought me some cold medication while I got ready.

The cold medicine kicked in and it really did make me feel better...we had a great dinner at Brio at the Greene. We purposefully chose to have dinner at the Greene to try to avoid the retro prom crowd around the Nutter Center. Little did we know Beavercreek High School's prom was the same night; we were surrounded by beautiful high school girls in princess dresses. They were soooo pretty.... we received a few weird looks since we were not quite in the same age bracket. :) My dad was kind enough to stay with the kids that night and they happened to be eating at Brio as well. It was fun seeing them a bit before heading to prom.

After dinner we went back to the hotel so I could take my second round of cold medication to help get me through the next 4 hours. For some reason the second dose was not as helpful as the first... as the night progressed so did my cold/flu. I was fading fast. I was able to make it through the rest of the evening but I was not up to dancing much which is typically my favorite part. I was so bummed, I had looked forward to this night for such a long time.

We got up on Sunday, ate our free breakfast (which was very good by the way) and headed home. Once we were home I slept most of the day.

Monday I felt better but still had a cough as well as a stuffy nose. I also was lucky enough to have a facial biopsy scheduled at 4:20.... always something to look forward to.

Biopsy went well... the stinging close to my eye was not as fun as I had hoped but it went well. They told me it would be a week to 10 days before I would hear any results.

Yesterday (2 days later) I received a call from the doctor with the results. Yep, cancer. It was a real eye opener for me.... I felt a pit in my stomach when they told me it was cancer... yes, nothing for me to really worry about... cut it out and move on. But, it made me think of those who sit in their doctor offices and receive the news of having cancer of their liver, or breast, or colon etc. I can't even imagine the pain. My heart goes out to those who face life threatening cancer. I will take all precautions I need to take from now on.

Greg had a really rough week at work and it had beat him down too. Les heard the news of her Mexico trip getting canceled today and she was devastated. Bless her heart... it hurts as a parent to see one of your kids cry and you can't fix it.

Les loved her trip to Mexico last year; she felt God move through her like she had never felt before. She bonded with a few children in one of the orphanages and she was so excited to go back and see them again this year. Her heart was crushed when the news came yesterday. Due to the Swine Flu Southbrook did not feel the trip would be safe and they plan to take another mission trip within the States. I know God will use these kids just as much here as He would in Mexico, but the reuniting of little friends will have to wait another year and that is what hurts.

Not sure if there was a full moon this week, but it was one heck of a week. PLUS..... Adam (my favorite on American Idol) was in the bottom 2 this week. COME ON!!! :)

These were little bumps in the road, .... no real troubles. We still are very blessed but we are ready for a new week,..... thankful today is Friday, and Prom for Les is next weekend so we have lots of stuff to look forward to. :)

This is a warm fuzzy I watched the other day that made me feel good... it is an animal lover thing so you if you aren't into animals it may not make you feel warm and fuzzy click HERE.


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