Monday, May 11, 2009

Prom 2009

Well, prom came and went this past weekend. It was a lot like Christmas... you plan and plan for so long and then it is over in a flash. The weekend couldn't have been more perfect... weather included.

Our prom day began with a trip to Bellbrook for Nick to ref a soccer game followed by a manicure and pedicure appointment for Les at noon. The appointment was supposed to run under an hour but we ended up being at the nail salon for 2 1/2 hours. They were running behind and Leslie had the slowest girl (seriously,she was... she even admitted she was the slowest). She was slow, but very good... Leslie's nails were perfect.

The lengthy nail appointment put us an hour behind schedule so we had to mooooove.

On to hair styling.......... Coffee was my first client.

Then Jill......

Aren't her curls beautiful???

Then last but not least..... Leslie.

She absolutely HATES it when I do this... she says brushing your hair in the opposite direction is like pulling your nails backwards. You can tell by the look on her face how much she is enjoying it.

Once hair was finished it was a mad rush to get dressed, do make up, and get in a few "girls only" photos before Anthony arrived. There was make up, hair spray, curling irons, hair clips, jewelry, clothing and shoes as far as the eye could see in our home. :)

The girls were absolutely breathtaking! They looked like princesses straight out of a fairy tale story.

Girls getting sassy.... :)

Over the shoulder pose... :)

The backs of the dresses

Jill and Allison headed out after the photos to meet up with their dates and take family pictures at their house. We squeaked out a couple pictures of just Leslie before Anthony got there...

Les and her daddy...
Close up of jewelry... can you see the sparkle in her right eye?? She was so excited.

Isn't she beautiful??? I know I am her mother, and I would think she was beautiful wearing a trash bag... but even if I weren't her mother I would think she was gorgeous.

then Leslie anxiously awaited Anthony's arrival.

Anthony was very dashing in his tux and the two of them together..... well..... see for yourself..

The corsage and boutonniere presentation was fun to watch....

Anthony placed it on her wrist in slow motion so we could take lots of pictures. :)

Align Center

Leslie was unsure as to how to pin the boutonniere on Anthony.... do you see the worry on his face??

Ok, well just pose and let us get a picture.....

Then Mom can step in and pin it on him for real. :)

Leslie texting friends to see when to meet for the next group of pictures...

Anthony was kind enough to carry all of Leslie's "must have" items for the evening so she didn't have to carry a purse. Must have items included... phone, lip gloss, school ID, after prom ticket, and gum. Greg told Anthony he would have tennis elbow by nights end from retrieving Leslie's phone from his pocket all evening. I think she must have asked for it at least 15 times before they even left our house. :)

Time to head out.....

You can stop taking pictures now mother......

More friends....

Leslie and her friends drove over to their teacher (Mr. Erwin, Environment Management) house to show off their beautiful dresses. They spend two periods a day with this teacher and will have him for two years... they all have a great relationship with him so they wanted him to see them prior to prom.

Then off to another friends house for a group picture with more friends.

Just guys....

Silly guys....

Just girls....

Silly girls.....

From this house they headed to dinner and then to prom. We met back up with them around 12:30am for the after prom. Greg and I helped with check-in and check-out. We purposefully chose the I-J-K-L table so we could see Les when she checked in. :) I have to say as a parent it was wonderful chaperoning the after prom. Not that we need to worry about Leslie, but it was so nice to see when she arrived and then knowing she was safe the whole night. Many students checked in... stayed for 15 minutes and then left. I am sure their parents thought they were at the after prom till 4:0o am. We all fell into bed around 5:00am exhausted from a great day of fun.

It was a great day... a little stressful at times due to time limitations, but so much fun. I enjoyed the time with Leslie's friends before and after prom not to mention the couple nights of "practice" hair styling the week prior to prom. Greg and I couldn't be happier with Leslie's choice of friends as well as date. Anthony is a very nice young man and we look forward to spending more time with him. This weekend confirmed to us how blessed we are to have a wonderful daughter who continues to make wise choices with her life but also spends her time with friends who also are making wise choices in their lives.

Yay God for a great weekend!

PS.. just so everyone knows... Nick was not forgotten this weekend. After being a ref for two soccer games his dad drove him over to spend the night with one of his good friends... he too had a great weekend. :)

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