Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What now??

Nick is into this new thing....... well, kinda new. Not the teasing his mother part (he has done that since birth) but the new thing of saying "oooooh what now?".

I think it is a new way of saying "in your face" for his generation. He follows me around the house and when something happens where the phrase is appropriate (and sometimes when it isn't) he will say "oooooh what now mommy?". For example, I told him he couldn't play xbox until his room was clean, so as I was walking down the hall he runs in front of me, whips his door open to show me his clean room and says...... "ooooooh what now mommy?"

I told him he needed to eat something nutritional prior to eating 900 ice cream sandwiches like he does everyday and he jumped around the corner from the kitchen with a mouth full of banana and in a muffled, my mouth is full voice said....."ooooooh what now mommy?"

His sister does not find this phrase funny in the least.... it doesn't go over well when she is told she needs to have her room cleaned prior to going out with friends and her little brother bounces in her face and says.... "ooooooh what now Leslie?".

Nick goes through phases and phrases... I thought we were through the jumping out from behind corners phase but apparently we are not. If I am into something... I am INTO it. I get absorbed with my every action because if I don't I will forget what I am walking into a room to do. This is how he gets me. He knows I am absorbed in thought and I am not expecting him to jump out and say boo. He even says things like I LOVE YOU MOMMY! and when I jump and then proceed to yell at him he will say... "Gosh, I just wanted to say I love you." I will say Nick, it's not funny! he will then reply with " I know it's hilarious". He will apologize and genuinely feel bad for scaring me but then it will happen again a few weeks later.

Nick bebops through the house.. he will have a song in his head and he will hum and clap along as if the rest of the house can hear it just as loudly as he is hearing it in his head. Clapping is a big pet peeve of mine. Clapping, in my mind, is used after a performance to communicate you liked it, it can also be used at concerts or during worship at church. Clapping is done at sporting events to show pleasure for goals, touchdowns etc being scored. Clapping is NOT (in my opinion) done loudly while walking around the house just because you are happy. I think I should enter Greg and Nick in a clapping contest because I promise they would win for loudest clap. They can make me jump 2 feet when they clap... it startles me every time AND it hurts my ears.... it is that loud.

Nick also likes to follow everyone around and make this sound.....That sound was actually Nick... not a recording of a monkey in an amazon jungle... my son Nick. He drives Leslie absolutely batty with this sound. He now has to ask before he is aloud to make it. Where it came from, and why he loves to do it, I will never know.

Nick and I usually have some sort of object we take turns hiding. I mentioned, in a previous blog, about Nick hiding a Fisher Price man in my purse, shoes etc.... now we are hiding 3 Rokenbok balls. They are blue and all three of them together measure to be about 2 inches long; they can be hidden anywhere. Nick's shoes were the last place I hid the balls, hoping he would feel them when he put his shoes on for school. He waited a couple days and I found them in my water bottle on my night stand. They were IN MY WATER after being in his stinky shoes....... he probably went to bed that night laughing at the thought of me finding those balls in my water. I am glad I noticed them before taking a drink. :)

Nick does not need to be around to find one of his jokes funny. A lot of his pranks are found long after he has gone to bed for the night. I will climb into bed after a long hard day... snuggle in and place my head on my pillow to hear loud fart sounds coming from a whoopee cushion that had been placed there several hours ago. He knew it would be funny... I am sure he laughed himself to sleep. I have also found a lot of fake bugs (praise the Lord they were not real) under my covers as well as Rokenbok balls and Fisher Price men.

Nick is a funny kid and he never fails to help me see the lighter side of life. He has his moments like anyone else where he is grumpy, but for the most part, you will find Nick with a big smile on his face and something funny on the tip of his tongue. Nick is also very thoughtful and sweet.. this is what I found as my laptop background after he had used it a while back.

I thank God every day for both of my kids... I sometimes lump them together in prayer and I need to remember how different they are and thank God for their specific gifts. The gift of laughter is a big one for my Nick. Thank you Lord for my smiley, funny Nick... he is my sunshine, especially on a rainy days.

It is now time for paybacks. I now wait behind doors and corners to jump out at Nick.... I am going to great lengths to find the perfect hiding spot for 3 little blue balls and maybe I will start to wake him every morning for school with a clap.. "ooooooh, what now Nick?"

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