Friday, August 7, 2009

Neighbors, Beach and Captain Curt

Well today was our last day on the beach. We had a nice relaxing day. We set up camp again in our regular spot and Greg and I went on a really long walk up the beach.

You will never guess who we ran into. 5 of our friends from Centerville. Unbelievable. We were walking along and I heard my named being yelled from several people, I looked up and low and behold it was Susan Morgann, Beth Hanes, Cindy Scanlon, Ann Meyers and one of their friends and I cannot remember her name sitting on the beach. We laughed and laughed.... drive all the way to Florida and run into friends who live less than a mile from our house. Ha

We saw a really tall bird on our walk....

After our walk we were hungry and Susan Morgann told us about a place called Captain Curt's. She said it was "the place to eat" when you are in Siesta Key. It sounded a lot like Crabby Joes so we decided to go their for dinner.

Les and I ordered the World's Best Clam Chowder ( It really was very good)

Dinner was very good, Greg had shrimp, crab cakes, scallops and some kind of fish. Leslie had clam chowder with vegetables, Nick ordered chicken fingers and fries and I ordered a golden snapper Cajun broiled sandwich with clam chowder. We felt like you couldn't go to the ocean and not eat seafood at least once. Glad we ran into our friends today so they could tell us about Captain Curt's; it made for a very enjoyable evening.

On our way back to the condo we saw a really cool tree on the side of the road. Greg pulled over and Leslie and I jumped out to take a few photos. (Nick is glad he is not a senior yet)

We also had our nightly walk on the beach. It was over cast so the sunset was not very good but the breeze was incredible; I could have stayed out there all night long.

When we first started to walk out onto the beach we were swarmed by gnats... they were everywhere and they flew into your eyes, nose and hair and they wouldn't leave no matter what we did. It was awful. Greg was patient enough to stick with me since he knew I wanted to take a few more pictures since it was our last night on the beach. Eventually they left us alone but our family pictures will have a nice story behind them. :) Hopefully the gnats will not be noticeable.

After the gnats left us alone we had fun taking more pictures on the beach. We really were hoping for the clouds to lift so we could see another sunset but we didn't have any luck. It was still a nice night regardless.

Greg started acting like he was a photographer on a photo shoot....

A person can't even write in the sand without having THIS done to them.... geeesh!

Our time on Siesta Key has come to an end, but the memories will last a life time. We have enjoyed our "Little Slice of Heaven" as our condo was advertised. It was everything we had hoped it would be and more.

We are now packing up the van and getting everything ready for our early morning drive home. The kids are ready to be home to see their pets and friends.... oh and must not forget Anthony. :) Poor Anthony... he takes a lot of teasing from us. Good thing he is such a nice guy, he probably didn't think that dating the girl meant dating the family too. :)

We did finish the puzzle in case you were wondering. Greg and I stayed up till 2am to finish it. I couldn't have gone home without finishing it.

Nick also found a Doritos miracle tonight....

Leslie is currently speaking to Anthony and he would like to be mentioned in the blog tonight.

Anthony is a very nice young man and we all miss him very much. Ben has never had the pleasure of meeting Anthony and he looks forward to meeting him soon. I would talk more about Anthony but I have no material to speak of since Leslie runs out onto the patio like there is a fire in the condo whenever he calls. All I know is he has visited a few colleges this week, he doesn't have band camp this week, he now has unlimited texting and he was without the internet briefly. Nothing juicy! I now need to remove a picture from the blog where Leslie says she looks like a dead fish......I should have never given them veto rights!

Nick found robes in our closet with "Little Slice of Heaven" stitched into them like the ones at a hotel or resort.... he thought it was pretty funny.

This is Nick's version of packing....

God has blessed us with another amazing vacation that we will cherish as a family. Thanks for joining us in our journey to Siesta Key. Life is always an adventure regardless of the location so this journey of ours will continue as long as God will allow it. A big thanks to Ben for joining us and for making our vacation 100 times better. :)

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  1. Did you love Capt Curt's? The guy that started it is from Cincinnati. =) Hope you made it home ok.