Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shark Week = Shark Teeth

I had to use this picture for today's blog. I took this picture tonight and I was super excited to get the bird in the frame. Each time I drew a picture of a sun set when I was little I would always put a little "v" bird off in the distance.... it looked a lot like this photo with a few scribble marks here and there for effect. :)

Today we woke up and had a family meeting to discuss what we would like to do with our day. We decided on Venice beach to look for shark teeth. Those of you who did not know, Venice Beach is known as the shark tooth capital. We punched in Venice Beach into Emily (our GPS) and she told us Venice Beach was 13.2 miles away.

First of all there are 2 Venice Beaches.... one in Florida and one in California. The one in Florida is NOTHING like the one in California. One of the more obvious difference is there are no ladies rollerblading in thong bikinis (thank goodness). The other more obvious difference is the sand is gritty, black and so hot it is like walking on hot coals.

We had a little sifter and a big, net bag we used to sift wet sand to look for teeth. We did find some teeth but not as much or as large as we had hoped. It was fun looking for them though.

As we were searching we would see little tufts of seaweed float by and there were fish constantly bumping into us. We were stirring up food for the little fish so they loved it. One fish jumped up into Leslie's lap and flapped around a little bit. At first it was a little unnerving, but after 10 or 20 times we started to realize it wasn't a shark and it's OK. :)

Seaweed, sticks and fish passed us by but then THIS was bobbing past us..... EWWWWW... and let me tell you... it WAS NOT a Snickers bar.

We moved WAY down the beach after this.... poor Ben wouldn't even get in the water after seeing it, he just looked for shells on the shore.

The sun was getting very hot and we all figured it would have been easier to throw some chum into the water, catch a shark and pull all of his teeth. We didn't have our cabana and there was no relief from the sun so we packed up and headed "home". Even with 30 SPF we got too much sun.

After lunch at Taco Bell Greg and Leslie went out to the beach for some snorkeling. They found lots of cool stuff including this little guy. He is a sea crab.

Later in the evening we went back out to the beach as a family... took lots and lots of pictures.

At this moment we are watching a show on Shark Week about 2 people who lost their lives to shark attacks right here in Naples Florida... not too terribly far from where we are. (well, when I say "we" I mean Greg, myself and Nick. Leslie is talking to Anthony, and when you say Anthony you have to say his name in a high voice and drag it out all sappy.... that is how we tease Leslie. smile)

Anyway, I think we need therapy. Not because we say Anthony in a high voice but because we seriously are crazy. Greg is so freaked out by Shark Week that he is googling shark attacks in Sarasota Florida. Seriously.... what is wrong with us? We go on vacation to a location where there are the highest count of shark attacks in the world during a month where if you do not wear jeans and a sweatshirt you will burn so badly your skin will fall off your body.

Today we almost forgot to take sunscreen to Venice Beach...... skin damage and cancer clearly was not enough of a wake up call. We must have the "oh it would never happen to us" syndrome. Lord help us please.

Having said all of this and coming from a person whom nature is one of her pathways to God, this place is incredible. Tonight while walking the beach I stopped to think of King David. Did he witness this kind of beauty while writing the book of Psalms? I could sing of His praise forever when looking at the sky, ocean and beach. I hear His whispers in crashing of the waves, I feel His gentle touch in the breeze of the surf. I know God is everywhere, but I feel His presence even more while burying my feet in the gentle, soft, white sand facing the vast, majestic beauty of the sea. I am in awe of his glory and am so grateful to witness his handy work here on this beach. Thank you Lord .. I am not worthy of the blessings you continue to pour upon me.

Ok, on a less serious note.... or a more serious note however you choose to view it. Greg has discovered during his googling that in Sarasota there have only been 7 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks in the last 115 years. Whoopie.....floaties here we come. Besides.... really? That would never happen to us. (smile)

Goodnite all!

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  1. We had a hard time finding teeth in Venice too. After the hurricane a few years ago it changed the beach and they dont wash up there like they used too. =(