Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach, beach and more beach!

Today was all beach all day long and it was fantastic! Leslie and Greg walked the beach early to find some shells but came back empty handed. They plan to go out earlier another morning to see if they might have better luck. Greg did take a few pictures of some cool birds.

We set up our cabana on the beach this morning and stayed out all day long except to come inside to eat. The beach had very few people on it and we loved it. We spent time snorkeling, floating on our tubes and napping under the cabana.

The kids made a great sand castle. People would walk down the beach and take pictures of it and one man even told Nick he was an artist. Ha ha... they loved it. They hope some of it will be there tomorrow so they can add to it. Leslie found little shells for the doors and decorated it nicely... the picture doesn't show it very well.

This is an outside picture of our condo; there are 6 units. We are on the second floor on the far left if you are facing the condo. The balcony can be accessed through the front room and the master bedroom and we even have a tiny balcony off to the side from our bathroom. We haven't figured out when we would ever use it but we have it just the same. You can see the little door in this picture off to the side of the building... that is our master bathroom.

The beach is a short walk down a sandy lane from our condo. Today we saw a black snake in the tall grass. We didn't try to catch it because we were not sure if it were poisonous or not. Greg thinks it was a King snake which are constrictors so we wouldn't have been bitten.

Later in the evening when the lighting was perfect we took Leslie back down to the beach to take some senior pictures of her. She is so pretty. I can't believe she is a senior in high school... makes me very sad. I try not to think of our family vacations coming to an end but I cannot stay in denial forever. Funny how life keeps chuggin along and there is nothing you can do to slow it down. Here are some pictures we took of her tonight.

Leslie has been a good sport all these years with all three of us having the same birthday. Although she always gets to take part in everything we do, it has to be hard to be the only person who does not have a birthday on August 1st. (Not something we planned by the way). Leslie has not been cheated in anyway, she has had HUGE birthday parties with ponies and all. She all of the sudden stopped wanting to celebrate her birthday and that too makes me sad. She is growing up.

We took some jumpy pictures on the beach tonight too.....

Leslie's boyfriend Anthony called tonight (first time they have spoken to one another since we left). Leslie went outside onto the balcony for some privacy so she could talk. Ben continually stuck his head outside the door to peek at Leslie and then he would also peek out at her from the bedroom curtains which drove her insane.

Nick helped Ben pick on Leslie and when Leslie would say "It's not funny Nick" he would reply "I know... it's hilarious". Nick is our comedian on the trip... always has some kind of wise crack or trick up his sleeve. He found a wind up radio in the condo and has been having a great time playing with it. It has a light, alarm and a radio and when it gets low on power all you have to do is wind it up. There is no one like Nick and I am so happy to call him my son. :) Poor Ben, all he wants is a little attention. Maybe he will join us on the beach tomorrow.

Speaking of beach tomorrow, we have been watching Shark Week on the discovery channel (which I don't know why we always do this, but we do). Tonight we learned Florida is the number one deadliest water on the earth. 618 shark attacks and Australia had half that many. Sure does make tomorrow's day on the beach exciting. Maybe we will spend more time under the cabana. :) Greg said he is going to go out in the morning and look for a seal float to ride around on.... always a wise guy.

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  1. Leslie... Your pictures are so pretty! I love the close up with your sandy feet! I want big one of that!!! Glad you are having a great time!