Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buffet, burns, bargains, bladder awareness and blisters

Today we woke to thunder and lightening on the beach.... which really was a blessing. For some reason when the sun is shinning you almost feel like you HAVE to go to the beach. You feel guilty for doing anything but the beach when the sun is shinning because you don't have the beach at home.

After the day in the sun we had yesterday at Venice beach, Greg's shoulders were a tad tender from a slight burn. He also had 2 huge blisters on his feet from all the walking we have been doing on the beach. I have what I like to call "bladder awareness". It isn't a full blown bladder infection, however I can feel my bladder and last time I checked you shouldn't be able to do this. I have bladder aching and well..... awareness of my bladder (fun stuff). A one day break from the beach is just what we needed. (wow we are getting old)

We found a local mall just 13 miles down the road so we decided to go shopping. We were a little nervous because years ago, while Greg and I were dating, we visited a mall in Florida called the Sunshine Mall.... it was anything but sunshine. It was a little hole in the wall with a pet store where they didn't feed or water their pets. We ate at Taco Bell while we were at the Sunshine Mall and the taco's and burritos were the tiniest tacos and burritos I have ever seen. This one experience was our only experience with a Floridan Mall so we were hoping for the best today.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a REAL mall. In fact we shopped quite a while in this mall and purchased many items. Leslie got some great deals at Forever 21 and Nick also found some bargains at Game Stop. It was a productive afternoon.

On our way home we stopped at a Chinese Buffet for linner. We picked up some Arby's on our way to the buffet for Nick, he isn't fond of Chinese food. We were excited to find out the Chinese Buffet had REAL ice cream. Most of the Chinese restaurants have this stuff they call ice cream but it isn't. It is sugary cold stuff... Our fortunes were as follows:

Nick: Your future is as boundless as the lofty heavens.
Greg: You will have a pleasant trip
Leslie: she is waiting to read hers when we are driving home... no idea why... ask her.
Me: The people's rules are the best laws (what does that even mean?)

We arrived back at the condo with still enough time to squeeze in our daily late afternoon naps. I will really miss these.

We snacked around later in the evening and then worked on this..... it will be a work in progress for many days. Very tricky....

Leslie was not interested in helping so we had to get someone else to take her place.

I can only handle one day away from the beach so we hope to have another beach day tomorrow. It is 1:15 am and Greg and I have to pull ourselves away from the puzzle to go to bed. It is very addicting.

Good night!

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