Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nick Nack

I thought since August is ending I should write my birthday, bragging post about Nick since his birthday month will soon be over.

Wow, where do I start with our bouncy Nick? Nick truly was and still is a bouncing baby boy. The child has not stopped moving since conception and he brightens my day, every day, with his contagious smile. He kicked and moved so much in the womb that I have a spot just above my rib cage that is still numb to this day.

Nick decided when I was 6 months pregnant he was tired of the womb and was ready to see the world. I was placed on medication to stop the early contractions. I wasn't placed on bed rest, but I did have to alter my regular schedule a bit to make sure I didn't do anything that would push me into full labor. We were so excited to have a little boy since we already had a little girl... it was the complete package.

I kept him in as long as I could and finally at 37 weeks Nick could wait no longer. I was taken to the hospital and placed on a fetal monitor and was given medication again to try to stop the labor.

We continued this process for over 12 hours until they finally said "Let's go ahead and allow this baby to come." Seriously? We couldn't have come to this decision 12 hours ago? Once the decision had been made they placed me on Pitocin and broke my water...I mean if we were going to do this, then lets really get things going right? So my body went from no, no, no... lets wait a bit longer to go, go go... faster, faster, faster. It was fantastic!

I went into labor late on July 30th and he was born at 1:54am on August 1st, which also happens to be Greg's birthday and my birthday. Nick was the best birthday gift we have ever been given. Greg's mom called the local paper and presto we were instant celebrities in our community.

He was 3 weeks early but you wouldn't know it by looking at his cute little pudgy cheeks. Daddy bought him a Winnie the Pooh outfit to wear home from the hospital and I believe that was the cause of a very long period of loving Pooh. For some reason I called him Pookie... it just came out. Pookie then turned into Pook, which then turned into Dukie and now we call him Duke. Poor child, he has always answered to them all though.

Nick was a happy baby. He loved to smile and laugh..............

I remember walking into his room at night while he was sleeping and watching him sleep. Sometimes I would pick him up and hold him too. I loved it. Nick loved music, and still does to this day. He loved to be sang to and we sang to him a lot. His favorite song was Wee Willy Winky. He liked it best when his sister would sing it to him.

He especially loved his big sister. Oh how he loved his big sister......

He loved his sister from day one... she would sing to him and tickle him and make him smile and laugh all day long. Here is a video of her including him in her birthday tea party.

He still loves his sister very much... you won't find them cuddling with their arms around one another too much anymore, but they do love one another which pleases Greg and I to no end.

We found out at an early age Nick did not like his mother being taken for granted. It upset him if anyone referred to me as their slave.

Nick loved Batman and Superman. He called them Bat-a-hane and Super-hane. He would wear his cape everywhere including the grocery. He also had batman and superman figures he would carry everywhere with him just in case there was time to play while waiting at restaurants and such.

He also LOVED Pooh Bear aka Poof. We had several Poofs and we watched many, many hours of The Many Adventure's of Winnie the Pooh. I secretly loved every second of it because 1. My baby would sit on the couch with me and cuddle, and 2. I loved Pooh too and it gave me a legit reason to watch him. :)

Nick loved Cars (ca cars) and trains (yain yains) just like all other little boys. He would play for hours with his little Hot Wheels from the early age of 15 months. He would drive them very slowly on couches, carpet, tile and even mommy's legs and arms when needed. He also loved Brio Trains. He had a complete Brio Christmas one year and was able to stretch built train tracks all over our house.. he was in heaven.

Here is a small video of Nick playing with his ca cars.

Nick had his own language that only those close to him could understand. Leslie was the only person who completely understood him and she would translate often. Bread was piece of nah.... spoon was was pepem.....and the list goes on and on. I remember our first Halloween in our current home. We carved pumpkins and Nick was so incredibly grossed out by the pumpkin guts that he spent the entire time running around us saying "Is it ewww mama? Is it eww?" Here is a video....

When Leslie started Kindergarten, Nick and I had a couple years to hang out together just as Les and I had prior to Nick arriving. The only difference was Nick missed Leslie and couldn't wait for her to come home from school. Sometimes he would venture into her room and get into some of her things without me knowing......

Nick has been such a joy to be around from the day he was born. He always has a huge smile on his face and his goal is to make everyone laugh. Nick is shy, and at first may be quiet and sit off to the side a bit until he gets to know you... then he will be the life of the party.

Nick is smart, sweet and has the biggest heart of any 14 year old boy I know. He is creative, funny and genuinely cares about every one's feelings including all our animals. He is sensitive and he loves babies; he is going to be a wonderful husband for one lucky girl someday. :) Nick always has a hug to give and I have never made dinner for the young man without him saying "thank you mommy, that was really good."

I thank God every night for Nick when I go to bed. Nick keeps me on the lighter side of life. Just when I start to get too serious Nick bounces into the room with a smile to say "Yea, what now mommy?" He is a breath of fresh air when my day becomes stagnant and I love him more than words could ever express. Happy 14th Birthday my sweet Nick Nack.

Our first pre-school field trip

Looking super cute on his 5th birthday at the pool ( I am a tad biased I know)

This is how Nick would smile for the longest time.

I loved this outfit on him..

Nick being Nick

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