Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fry Guy

(For those of you who do not recognize the little green guy above, he is one of the fry guys from McDonald's).

August 16th was the Fry reunion. The Fry family is my family on my grandmother's (my dad's mom) side. The reunion has always been held the 3rd Sunday of August at the Ohio Caverns and we look forward to it each year.

First of all, if you have never been to the Ohio Caverns you should go; it is a neat experience to tour the caverns and buy a bag of dirt. We have toured the caverns a few times during the Fry reunion through the years, but now we purchase bags of dirt instead. The dirt is purchased to sift through to find fools gold and gems.

We eat lunch under a big shelter up on the hill where there always is a slight breeze coupled with the fragrance of good home cooking. It makes for a very relaxing afternoon with good food, good company and beautiful scenery.

I need to explain the title of my post a bit. I did not know any of these sweet, wonderful people until I started attending the reunion at least 7 or 8 years ago. We laugh each year at Gregory because everyone at the Fry reunion not only knows him, but treats him as if they are HIS family. I understand they are his family through marriage, but they all talk to him more than they talk to me or my dad. It is hilarious! For example my grandmother introduced us to one of her cousins this past year. When she got around to introducing Greg her cousin said " Oh I know him, he has been attending for a while now". She didn't say that when she introduced me or my dad, or anyone else for that matter.

Our first year attending the reunion Greg was asked to pray for all of us before eating..... it is still his job to this day. :) Greg now knows more about the Fry family than I do AND Paul, my grandmother's cousin, told Greg last weekend as we were leaving to email him if he needed anything. I seriously can't take him anywhere. :) My dad started calling him Greg Fry by the end of the afternoon and that is how he got his name "The Fry Guy".

Here are some pictures of our afternoon this year as well as some pictures of previous years at the Fry reunion.

This year:

This is my sweet cousin Grace... she is soooo cute and sweet. I couldn't take enough pictures of her.

It doesn't get any sweeter than this....

Years past:

If you are looking for a unique place to have any reunion the Ohio Caverns is a great place. Call ahead to reserve tables and enjoy a great afternoon of family fun.

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