Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sun, Sand,Surf, Sharks, Seagulls, Snails, Snorkeling, Starfish, Smooching, Statistics and Sunsets

Today was a super day, and in case you didn't notice... the letter of the day is "s". We set up the cabana and had another day of fun in the sun.

Greg and Leslie took in a little more snorkeling. Lots and lots of sunscreen was used again today. We have moved up to 70 SPF on the shoulders.

Ben joined us on the beach today too... he really enjoyed himself.

We heard thunder in the distance so after a few hours of playing we packed up and headed back in. It is quite a production to set up and take down the cabana so we always try to wait out the storms to make sure they are truly headed our way before packing up. It was time for our afternoon naps anyway. :) How will we ever survive in the real world again without our nap time?

Greg learned a few more statistics today while searching shark attacks. Apparently 5 people a year are killed world wide by shark attacks and 150 people are killed each year by falling coconuts. Seriously???? Where are the news cameras when all these killer coconuts are falling from the trees? Have you ever heard of someone dying from a fallen coconut? Coconut allergies maybe, but never a fallen coconut. I guess we need to be more nervous walking under a palm tree than swimming in the ocean. :) We need to have a Killer Coconut Week instead of Shark Week. I mean no disrespect to those families who lost a loved one to a fallen coconut, just a little shocked by the statistics.

After lunch, naps and Sponge Bob we headed back out to the beach again. This time without the cabana since the sun was beginning to set. It was a great night to walk the beach. We found a lot of cool creatures.


I thought this was a cool reflection picture

This one was enjoying an apple core



Clams: (OK, I know it doesn't start with an "s" but he was cool just the same)

Greg has become friends with some of the locals. Maybe he shouldn't watch anymore Shark Week.

Leslie and I stayed out on the beach until it was dark; apparently it was couples night. There were couples everywhere... including one couple who stayed out in the ocean smooching for well over an hour.

I mean seriously..... a person can't even enjoy a about shark bait. They kissed and smooched FOREVER.... it was rather disgusting really. Les and I had had enough so we walked over in front of where they were "swimming" and wrote this in the sand.

Here are a couple pictures of Leslie and I sitting on the beach together during "couples" night. :) We did get to pet and love on a little Pug dog who seemed to enjoy our company.

It was a beautiful sunset; the prettiest one yet. (if only all those people would get out of my way so I could take a good picture!) I will photo shop them out later.... muhaha!

Tomorrow is our last day on our beach. We will soak up every drop of beach we can.... maybe even give up our afternoon naps. Nah.... gotta keep the naps! Speaking of naps it is time to finish a puzzle and get some sleep.

Night, night.

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