Monday, August 10, 2009

The life of Murphy

Murphy missed us while we were gone...I can't say he missed us A LOT because he was ridiculously spoiled by our neighbors. Janice and Pat live across the street from us and they are huge dog lovers. I thought I was a big animal lover until I met her.

They have a Lab named Dottie, and Dot is their baby. She pretty much gets whatever she wants when she wants it. Murphy was treated the same... if not better. He slept on their bed with them, he slept on the couch/laps while they watched TV, he was given table food (which he NEVER gets at home) etc.... Pat and Janice are saints and we are so very thankful to have them as friends and neighbors. They took great care of Murph and we never had to worry about him once. Plus, we knew he too was getting a vacation.... a vacation away from being a dog. He has had the same reality check as we have had coming home from vacation. We are back to work and the daily grind and he is now back to being a dog again.

Life is so rough for Murphy. He now has to eat his own food and sleep on the floor. He is slowly adjusting. Yesterday he asked to go outside so I let him out. He did his business and immediately banged on the window with this look of "Well, I am done now... let me in this minute" on his face. I left him out there for another 15 minutes just to show him he is back in position on the totem pole and he isn't above me on that pole.

He is such a stinker.... here are some pictures of he and Greg after we arrived home on Sunday. The pink squeaky toy is the new toy we bought for him while we were gone.

This is a video from our new camcorder... I was testing it out to see how easily it would load to the Internet.. Murph kept a close eye on me .

Obviously the video works... yay!

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