Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleep over with Maya

We were given the opportunity a few weeks ago to have our sweet 4 year old niece Maya spend the night with us. She is such a joy to have around.

She was so very excited to go to our pool. We picked her up and she was all dressed and ready with her squishy ball in hand. Our pool is just down the street from her house so the drive was very short. As you enter our pool there are a few speed bumps that can be very dangerous to a van with a hitch attached to it. Greg slowed down as he approached the first speed bump and carefully drove over it. As the second speed bumped approached he again began to slow down and Maya loudly says from the back seat.... "MY GOSH GREG, JUST DRIVE". We laughed hysterically and continued on into the pool; she had a great time even though it was terribly cold out ( cold in July... seriously?)

After the pool we came home to make brownies. She struggled at first with the way I make my brownies since I replace the oil with applesauce. Maya doesn't like change and she likes things to be the way they are SUPPOSED to be. After explaining why I do what I do to the brownies she was ok with it and we moved on.

Licking the spoon is yummy!

But eating the finished product is even better.

Maya thought it was really cool to play with some of Leslie's old toys.

After a lot of play time, a visit to the library, movie watching and book reading it was time for bed. She chose to sleep in Nick's room this time since she slept in Leslie's room the last time she spent the night. Have to be fair. :)

Isn't she sweet?

She moved around a lot. :)

In the morning it was time for a bath.... we didn't have any bath toys but she had a great time playing with a few toys we had recently purchased for our parrot Doby. :)

Maya was a lot of fun and we look forward to the next time she gets to spend the night with us. :)

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