Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally, the 4th of July

I am lagging behind on my blogging... not enough time in the day. I figured I had better write about the 4th of July before we are no longer in the month of July.

We have had a family cook out every year on the 4th of July since we moved into our house 12 years ago. The Centerville Parade marches right past our house and we sit in our yard to watch. It has been a great tradition.

Nick had a great seat to watch the parade.

Leslie's boyfriend Anthony marched in the parade for the Centerville band.

This is Nick's favorite part too.....

We take this same picture every year.

We have had over 40 people at our house in the past to cook out, which is always a lot of fun. I love having a house full of people... especially those I love. This year however, it ended up being a rather small grouping of mostly family and a few friends and that was nice too. It rained again this year so it was a blessing to have a small group....everyone could fit comfortably inside when it began to rain.

Father daughter picture... Les was all decked out in her red, white and blue prior to the picture being taken, but it was chilly and she had on a cute little dress so she changed.

Keith and Elizabeth... good friends and neighbors... it took three tries to get a normal expression on Keith's face. He always likes to make silly faces.

Grandma and Robert

Dad and Courtney

Chris and Diane (not sure what Chris is trying to say) :)

Walt and his new love Angie... she is really sweet.

My Nick man..

Ummmmmmm, yea, .... speechless on this one.... Greg and Joe in the love seat.

Baseball in the baked beans.... yummmmmmm! Results of a little Monkey Ball game (click Here if you don't know what Monkey ball is).

The Americana Festival is also a good time. The city shuts down a large portion of 48 and vendors set up along side the street. You can find almost anything....crafts, food, pet items, jewelry, corn hole, clothing... you name it they sell it.

There is also a large children's section at the festival where you and your child can have your face painted, ride a pony, climb a rock wall, visit a petting zoo and the list goes on and on.

Usually it is very hot in July; and typically by the time the cook out is over, and everyone has eaten, I am tired and don't feel like walking down to the festival. This year however there was a slight drizzle and the temperature was a little cooler so I walked down with Greg, the kids and some friends.

Les and I of course ended up at the petting zoo while everyone else checked out the hot rods.

We think this one is pregnant... could she be any cuter? I was trying to figure out how to sneak her under my jacket so I could take her home with me. We need a new lawn mower too.

Someone needs an orthodontist...... I'm just sayin.... he growled at me so apparently he needs some manners too. You are in a PETTING ZOO my friend. Who knew Llamas could growl?

We typically end our day with standing in a neighbor's yard to watch the fireworks. We can see Centerville's fireworks just over the trees and we don't leave our house. We see the REAL fireworks at the Base during Tattoo so these are just an added bonus.

It was my sister-in-laws birthday too, which she loves. Especially if you buy her something red, white and blue for her birthday. :) Sorry Amy, couldn't resist. :)

Hope you had a firecracker of a day too on your fourth of July...

I plan to blog each day while on vacation next week, notice I said PLAN. But I will do my best!

Have a great weekend!

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