Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Liquid Crystal High Defilicious

Greg and I typically do not purchase Christmas gifts for one another .... maybe a few little things here or there but nothing big. We try to be smart with our money and only purchase things out of necessity. Which is why when we saw 52 inches of liquid crystal high defilicious (as Greg calls it) we decided the price was right and we owed it to ourselves so we bought a new 52 inch flat screen for Christmas. (I like to think of it as boosting the economy)

I have to say I LOVE our new TV. I never thought of myself as a TV person much less than a HDTV person... but WOW is there a huge difference. I want to watch every movie I have ever watched all over again so I can watch it in HD.

Now, when we purchased our TV we did not have cable. We have not had cable for years because we were not watching much TV and we thought we would be frugal and not waste money. Well,...... we couldn't have a brand new 52 inch TV and only watch PBS... what a waste. So, we recently had Direct TV installed with the new HD package. (which by the way we did some calling around and we were able to get our local calling, long distance, DSL AND Direct TV through Cincinnati Bell for the same price as we were paying for phone and DSL through AT&T. I felt much better because we didn't step too far out of our frugal mentality)

Watching TV has now gone to a new level in our home. Watching American Idol we can see every pore on everyone's face. (not that it is a good thing to see each pore, but you get the idea) It feels as if everyone is standing in our front room performing for us. You can see each blade of grass on the football fields.

All of this is really good stuff.... but I have to say that the BEST part.....and this is something a lot of people have been enjoying for quite some time now (which shows how long we have been living in the stone age) is the DVR. I absolutely LOVE the DVR. I am recording shows left and right and I watch them when I am ready to not when the TV tells me I am ready. I love to fast forward through commercials and rewind if I didn't hear something quite right.

I hope it is the winter blahs that is making me watch so much TV recently... or the fact that American Idol, Heroes, Lost AND Survivor are all new and just started back up in full force. If you haven't heard from me in a few weeks you may want to come looking for me.... (hint: I would check my couch before hiring any scent dogs).

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