Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Destin 2012 Day One

We woke early to head out to the beach.  Greg and Anthony set up our canopy prior to breakfast so we were all ready for a great day.   Jonah and Nick slept in so they didn't join us until later.

Sunscreen was applied, walks were taken, relaxation was experienced by all.

After a great first day on the beach we were ready for showers and food.  Nick had requested Whataburger yesterday prior to arriving to our condo, but we were all tired and just wanted to get to our destination.  Greg promised him we would go the next day.  Nick was sporting his new shirt and was feeling like he looked pretty cool, which he did.

                           But then dad came down with the same shirt on.... not as cool

After much pleading from Nick, Greg changed shirts.  (At least that is what we THOUGHT he did) He actually put a shirt on over this shirt so once we got to Whataburger he could take it off and still have the same shirt as Nick.

So, off to Whataburger we went.

After a much too long of a discussion about whether or not we could all fit around the circle table booth, Greg grabbed a chair and sat at the end.  THEN we fit perfectly, no legs, knees or arms were touching.

Conversations again were not of the norm.  Leslie and Anthony shared as story they heard of a drive by pooping. Jonah commented that he felt in certain situations it would be okay to poop on a girl, no one agreed.  He tried to explain himself, but nothing could get him out of the very deep hole he had already dug for himself.  See, not normal conversations, especially at dinner. 

I told Nick to put his face in the window so I could take his picture under the writing on the window.  He looks at me and says "But there is a bush right there". It took him a few minutes to understand that THIS is what I was going for.... no bush involved.

 Greg threatened to take his shirt off each time Nick said or did anything.

After dinner we drove to all of the cheesy Florida gift shops.  Leslie and Anthony found citrus trees, but they were all dead.  They really wanted to purchase a tree so we drove to several Alvin's Island stores trying to find an alive citrus tree... which we found none.  BUT, we did find these super cool hats...

Nick was looking for cool sunglasses...

Greg enjoyed playing the quarter game...

We found a store advertising live shark feedings daily.  This was the shark....

 Greg said he would have been really mad had he driven a far distance to see this shark feeding.  They made fun of him and called him nerdy shark with bucked teeth.

After driving to a few more Alvin's Islands to look for trees we headed home to call it a night.  It was a great first day and we look forward to what tomorrow might bring.

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