Friday, July 27, 2012

Winding down but never say goodbye.

The rest of our time at the resort was spent lounging, laughing, relaxing and eating.  Not many pictures were taken.

 Our last night at the resort we all went our separate ways and enjoyed our anniversary dinners.  They were so lovely.

 We met up after dinner for a show in the theater which wasn't too great.. then made our way back to our rooms for our last night.. there was sadness in the air.  We were excited to see our kids, but we were also so very sad to leave this amazing place.

Greg and I ordered room service the next morning again.

 We had a visitor our last morning as well..

We shared our eggs and cream with him.

Amy was our early bird and she captured some amazing moments first thing in the morning at sunrise.

This was such an amazing vacation...unlike any I have ever had before.  I wouldn't trade our vacations with our kids for this kind of trip, but it sure was nice being able to do both.  The memories we have created with our kids during our family vacations are priceless and I would give up 100 trips to Mexico if it meant I could go back anytime to relive some of those memories.  However, I am trying to be realistic these days and I am allowing myself to peek into the future a bit.  It was nice seeing the love Greg and I still have for one another, seeing the friendship that is still so very strong between the two of us.  It excites me to know our future is bright, and will still be full of fun and laughter even though our kids will be grown and not with us.  This is the next step and although I am in no rush to fully leap into being an empty nester, it is nice to see there will be happiness on the other side.  Long story short... this will NOT be the last trip to Mexico OR to an Excellence Resort.

A big thank you to Mark, Amy, Debbie and John for helping us create memories of a lifetime.  Inside jokes that I still giggle about today, silliness and stress free fun that was very needed.  Can't wait to do it again!

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