Friday, July 27, 2012

Food, relaxation, food and fun

 Today was all about soaking in the resort because we knew our days were numbered.  We had made turn in the road where we had more days behind us than we had ahead of us and we wanted things to sloooooow down.

We played with the fish in the water.. they would swim up and nibble on your toes..

It looks like we were standing in a circle holding hands, but we were not... I promise.

We ate on the beach again at the buffet, we walked around, took pictures, road on Hobie cats and relaxed..

Dinner was at Spice ( the Asian restaurant)... it was REALLY yummy!

That night was the Michael Jackson (Miguel) tribute.  This guy was really, really good.  I kept thinking about how much my mother would have loved it.  I thought he moved JUST like Michael.. it was kinda creepy.  But then the lights came on and when we got up close he didn't look like Michael at all.  He still did a great job.

We again danced at Alegria and then went for a lat night/early morning swim in our lazy river near our room.  We whispered and felt as if we were doing something wrong because we were the only ones in the water and it was dark... Ah... fun times.

Another amazing day in paradise.

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