Monday, August 1, 2011

Sun, Surf, Sand Dollars and Shopping…

This morning Greg and I woke early to head out to the beach.  The sun was shining and we were ready.  We came downstairs to eat breakfast to find Anthony already awake and making breakfast already for himself.  We also realized somehow cereal didn’t make it on anyone’s list last night while grocery shopping.

After breakfast the three of us walked over to the beach to set up our cabana for the day.  We found a great spot.  

 The beach was breathtaking.  Last night, because the sun was setting, we didn’t see all the beautiful colors of blue and green in the water, and they were amazing.  The sand was so white and the water was absolutely beautiful and clear.


Anthony, Greg and I spent some time in the water and taking pictures and about 45 minutes later Jonah joined us.  


 Later Les and Nick joined us as well.  It was nice having the Easy Up to sit under and escape the sun when we needed to.  

 Jonah and I sat on the beach near the crashing waves and I told Jonah God could have made the Ocean ugly and smelly and it still would have served its purpose.  He made it beautiful for US and I am so glad He did.

Les and Anthony swam out to the sand bar and found many sand dollars and a hermit crab.  We wished we would have brought our snorkel gear, the water was super clear.

Greg and I spent over 5 hours at the beach and decided to call it a day.  The kids went in for lunch and came back out for a bit longer.  We left them in charge of our canopy and we came in to get cleaned up around 2:45.

The time spent after the beach is one of my favorite times during vacation.  The condo is cool and refreshing,  eat lunch, take a refreshing shower and usually a nap.  It is wonderful.

By this time we had realized the several items we forgot to purchase last night at Wal-Mart which meant one thing….. we had to go back!  We ate dinner here at the condo this time instead of trying to eat at McDonalds again.  We had burgers and soup and everyone was super stuffed and ready to take on Wal-Mart.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Wal-Mart was not NEARLY as crowded as the night before.  The shelves were not restocked, but we didn’t have to deal with the crowd so we were good.  Nick and Jonah purchased Batman and Superman boxers and Les and I were told we were twins by the deli man.

We purchased snorkel gear so we could all swim out to the sand bar tomorrow with our underwater cameras and enjoy the inhabitants of the ocean.  We never kill anything for their shells, but we do enjoy looking at them, maybe taking a few pictures and then returning them to where we found them.

We came home, put away groceries, claimed our snorkel gear (Greg said he didn’t want to get Syphilis so he wanted his marked), ate some ice cream and watched TV.

It was a great day!  Looking forward to more tomorrow.

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  1. YEAH! I've been waiting for the Destin picture book to be posted! :)