Monday, August 1, 2011

Motion sickness, Moe’s and Marcella

Greg got the worm this morning as he was the early bird.  He was awake and showered by 6:30… I was not.  He walked the beach a bit and took some early morning pictures.

I was awake by 8:15, came downstairs, had some breakfast with Gregory and was ready for the day.  Anthony and Jonah both woke and joined us for breakfast while Les and Nick slept in a bit.

The three of us, Greg, myself and Anthony walked to the beach to set up our cabana for the day.  We set up camp a little more to the right of where we were yesterday and had more private space. We applied our SPF 60 before snorkeling.

The water was not nearly as clear as it was yesterday (probably because we now had snorkel gear) but we were able to see some fish, sea slugs and Anthony saw a sting ray.

A little later Leslie joined us and she and Anthony snorkeled for awhile.   They didn’t seem to have as much luck as they did yesterday either.  The ocean wasn’t cooperating with our snorkel schedule.  Regardless, the sun was shining, there was a constant breeze and the sand was soft and cool.  Our little cabana was an oasis.  We bounced between wading in the waves, to taking walks, to reading our Kindle, to taking pictures.  It was awesome.

Nick and Jonah eventually joined us on the beach; they brought a bucket of ice cold waters to share, which was very thoughtful of them.  They came out to “chill” under the cabana.  They wore their shades and listened to music while looking cool.

Greg and I attempted to swim out to the sand bar, which is where Les and Anthony were seeing all the cool stuff.  I didn’t want to swim all the way so we cheated and hung off a raft.  We did make it out there, but there wasn’t much to see and we were rather disappointed.  On our way back I started having motion sickness from the raft….I love turning 40…. who knew I would need Dramamine for a short raft ride out to a sand bar?

After fun in the sun we all cleaned up, cooled off, lounged around, ate and napped.  I loooove my afternoon nap time.  Les came in, ate and went back out.  Everyone else was too tired and drained by the sun to join her.

Les came back in around 3:30 and we all went to Moe’s for dinner.  On the way to Moe’s we stopped by a place called Boogies where you can rent Jet Ski’s, Pontoon Boats, Glass bottom boat tours etc.

We needed info for our Jet Ski outing in a couple days.  Our GPS again got us in the general area, but the general area on a busy road doesn’t cut it.  We turned around a couple times and finally saw the place we were looking for back behind other shops.  We picked up a flyer, talked to a nice young lady about rentals and then headed to Moe’s.

“Welcome to Moe’s”  Greg and Anthony were in heaven and the rest of us enjoyed our meal as well.

(Photo Courtesy of Anthony)

Everyone left Moe's with a full belly.  

We heard wonderful things about The Donut Hole so we thought it would be nice to buy some donuts for dessert and try it.


  If we didn’t have a Bill’s Donuts at home maybe these donuts would have been more enjoyable.  Let’s just say they were not Bill’s quality.  Since it was my idea to stop at the Donut Hole, I was the one who got all the grief the rest of the vacation for the quality of these donuts.  Greg had to turn left out of The Donut Hole and it was such a busy road he said people inside where probably saying “Doesn’t this guy know NO ONE turns left out of the Donut Hole”.

We really wanted to visit this place.... not enough time in the day.

Greg agreed to stop anywhere anyone wanted to stop as long as it was on the right hand side of the road.  So, we stopped at a cheesy beach shop on the right hand side named Alvin’s Island.

 Leslie asked me if she could buy a hermit crab.  I said “Ask your father, if he says yes then I don’t care”.  Now, I said this thinking her father would never say yes… guess what… he did.

 Les picking out her crab...

We now have a new member of the family.  Meet….Marcella.

Nick bought some sunglasses and we purchased a new “squishy”.  Squishy is a ball that is… well, squishy.  When the kids were younger we would take this ball camping and pass it around the campfire.  If you were the one holding Squishy it was your turn to talk.  We may ask questions about favorite vacation, favorite food, favorite animal, favorite creation of God etc.. if you had Squishy it was your turn to answer.  We played this game with “Would You Rather” too. 

Well, long story short Squishy went from being squishy to being sticky and nasty through the years.  We now have a NEW squishy and the tradition will continue.  We plan to have our first session with the new squishy later this week.

We came home and went out for an evening walk on the beach.  Nick and Jonah went on their own while Greg, Les, Anthony and I all walked together.  It was a beautiful night with an incredible breeze.  I could have stayed out there all night long.

Les caught crabs on the beach too....
sand artwork....

We have all returned to the condo, Anthony is editing pictures, Greg, Nick and Jonah are watching That 70’s Show, Les is creating her crabitat for Marcella and I am writing this blog so I don’t forget everything that happened today before tomorrow morning.

Sad to see yet another vacation day come to an end, happy to have another one to look forward to tomorrow.  Good night!

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