Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Mint to be"

Centerville's winter dance is rapidly approaching and the winter dance is a "turn about" (girls ask the boys).

Leslie was very creative in how she asked Anthony to the dance. There was no question as to how he would answer, but the anticipation of what he thought of HOW she asked was the fun part.

The theme of this year's dance is Candy Land so Les wanted to incorporate candy into how she asked. This is what she came up with.

She asked for permission to enter Anthony's house when no one was home and she decorated his entire room with mints. She cut out and painted peppermints and wrapped crinkle wrap around them to make them look like huge mints.

She scattered mints all over his room.... Anthony will have fresh breath for weeks.

Then she took red ribbon and wrapped it around the inside of his house leading up to his bedroom. It was very cute.

She and her friend Jill went over to Anthony's house together. Anthony's mom had given Les the code to get into their house... what she didn't plan on was Anthony setting the house alarm. These poor girls entered the code to the house and then the house alarm started to go off. It got louder and louder and they ended up having to call Anthony to get the security code to shut it off before the police arrived. Leslie was shaking head to toe and it took her a while to calm down. It was rather startling for the two of them.

Regardless, the decorating still was a success and Anthony was still surprised. He was busy camping out at Best Buy waiting for Black Friday. He and his friends were the first ones in line... they set up their tent on Wednesday around 1:00. They were on the news several times and a photo of them was in the paper.

Pictures of the dance to come later.....Nick's girlfriend hasn't asked yet... we will see how she does it. :)

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