Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Leslie didn't trick or treat this year, but she did dress up during spirit week so I still got my costume picture. :)

Nick went back and forth as to wether he was going to go out trick or treating or hand out candy and scare people. He LOVES to scare people. He has a friend who is younger join him for the evening so he decided to do a little of both. They boys trick or treated for a bit and then had fun hiding and jumping out at the older kids.

He looks like a zombie referee to me.

Doby didn't dress up but we are nearing the time of year where he likes to chew all his feathers off. So, I thought I would take some pictures of him while he is still pretty. He isn't sick.... it is a hormonal thing. He should be in the jungle mating this time of year but instead he is in Centerville. ...poor baby.

I must say I miss the days of pumpkin carving and costumes. There is nothing quite like experiencing the excitment of a young child on the night of trick or treat. My niece Maya sat in front of her oven clock for hours waiting for the time to come to trick or treat.

I am thankful to have memories of so many fun Halloweens.

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