Thursday, December 11, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree..

Well, the tree is finally up . It was actually a little easier for me this year. Greg helped our good friend Keith take his snow blower to Bellbrook to be serviced and on the way back they stopped over at our storage unit and picked up our Christmas tubs.

The storage trip is by far the worst part of decorating. We have a 5x10 storage unit; to say it mildly... we have put our space to good use... it is PACKED! Now, ideally we try to keep our unit organized. As seasons come and go we try to keep the next holiday tub in the front of the unit so it is ready to go when we need it. This year we were not so diligent, and I am ever so grateful to Greg and Keith (who may not be our good friend anymore after this) for saving me from the mountain of Rubbermaid tubs. :)

When Greg and I would look at a house to buy, before we moved here, I would always try to picture where we would put our Christmas tree. It was a huge selling point for me; a good place for our tree. When we moved to our current home I was so excited because we had cathedral ceilings throughout our whole house and I knew no matter where we decided to place our tree it could be a BIG one. The first 3 years of living here we spent over $100.00 each year on a real Christmas tree. They were beautiful and HUGE and I loved it. After the 3rd year we decided to look at artificial trees. We figured within a few years it would pay for itself and we would forever have our big tree.

We shopped until we found "the perfect tree"; (not to be confused with "the perfect cheer") it was big and it was the most realistic fake tree we had ever seen. We bought it and brought it home. Now, if you have ever purchased anything after looking at the display in the store you quickly realize after bringing it home.... things look smaller in the store than they do in your house. This tree was really big, we were so focused on the height of the tree that we didn't consider circumference. It stuck out pretty far in the middle of the room... so far out that we had to remove the last two rows of branches in order for it to fit in our front room and allow room for presents under it. To this day we have never used the last two rows of our tree.

This is the beginning stage of putting up/ assembling our tree:

We have thought about leaving our tree like this ......Feliz Navidad

We called in help from friends too....

Murphy: "If only I had thumbs"

Our First Christmas ornament....

Bulbs ......

Nick is building his icicle fort under the tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,
Your beauty green will teach me
That hope and love will ever be
The way to joy and peace for me.
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,
Your beauty green will teach me.

I anxiously await to see what God will teach me this Christmas as we celebrate the most precious gift of all... the birth of His son.

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