Sunday, April 8, 2012

No really, THIS was the BEST day ever!

We started our day again in the Barcelona Cafe.  Breakfast was soooo good.  They had a huge buffet to choose from as well as chefs standing by to make a custom omelet or anything else you might like.  I of course enjoyed more sushi and guacamole with my eggs.

The girls started out on the beach together while the boys took out a Hobie Cat.  Mark was in heaven.  Both he and Amy own their own sail boats and it was a real treat for Mark to do his thing out on the beautiful waters of Cancun. 

Us girls walked over to a lady giving facials on the beach and applied a mud mask... we looked like Oompa Loompas

While laying in our little grass huts on the beach we started noticing a few topless ladies around us.  They were ladies who shouldn't have been topless.  You could tell it was their culture and they weren't doing it to get attention from their husbands.  They were napping in the sun with no shirt on, no big deal... except for us. :)

The 6 of us stayed on the beach for a while laughing and sunning ourselves until it was time to walk over for our beach lunch again.  We were already excited about the buffet and thinking about what they may be serving.  The day before they served the most delicious Grouper... we were hoping for more of the same.

There was a different band...

 Greg and Debbie switched sunglasses...I think Debbie could pull it off... Greg not so much.

We enjoyed listening to the band, walking around on the pier, eating delicious food (too much delicious food) and talking to people as they sat at our table.  We talked to many people who were on their last day of vacation and we felt bad for them, then we talked to others who were just arriving and we were jealous.  We never wanted to leave.

Anything and everything we might need was at our finger tips... all we had to do was ask.  They went as far as providing convenient restrooms right on the beach.  

After lunch we walked back over to our chairs on the beach.  Greg and I decided to mosey on over to the pool for a bit while Debbie and Amy took a nap on the beach. Eventually John and Mark joined Greg and I around the pool.  Two girls swam over to talk to us for a while, they were very nice and very complimentary.  They were in their late twenties and were there for just a few days to get away from work and such.  One of them was celebrating her birthday.. at least thats what she said.

Debbie and Amy finished their nap and joined the rest of us around the pool.... I think we laughed more than we had ever laughed on this trip.  Greg kept planking all around the pool...

.... and John spent some time in the hot tub.  We were laughing so hard at one point we were afraid we were going to interrupt the people eating in the restaurant just above the pool area.  We brought our fun down to a low roar and discussed excursion options.  We knew we wanted to go on one, but we hadn't decided on which one yet.  Once we all agreed on the same excursion ( a gentleman by the name of Mike assisted us in our choice) the girls went to book it while the boys made their way back to their rooms to clean up for dinner.  Mark and Greg took the path of the lazy river the entire way without having to leave the pool. :)

We showered and napped a bit before dinner and then met again in the theater.  John had mentioned he thought he left his glasses by the pool earlier so we all went over to look for them.  Mark found them and we were back on track.

We chose to eat in the Italian Restaurant this evening.  The meal was very, very good, but it took them forever to serve it to us and the portions were very small (except for Debbie who some how was served 2 dinners).  Due to the time it took them to serve us our first helping, we didn't want to waste time and ask for more so we moved on to another restaurant.  The Lobster House.

This small change of schedule started something new that continued throughout the rest of the week.  "second supper"  We ate early in one restaurant, listened to live music for a while and then went to yet ANOTHER restaurant for a second supper.

In our defense... we really just wanted to find some nachos but amazingly no restaurants served nachos.  We found this to be hilarious considering we were in Mexico.  Not even the Mexican restaurant had nachos.  Had there been Nachos we could have snacked on them while listening to music and we would have been fine.  Since there were no nachos we had no choice but to eat another dinner.

We then proceeded to watch the magic show in the theater... it wasn't the greatest, but we had fun anyway.  We tried out the Karaoke club after the show and it was even worse.  Even with the slow service at dinner, the mediocre magic show and Karaoke we all agreed THIS was the best day ever! :)  Or was it????  Excursion to the Mayan Ruins up next.

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