Saturday, April 7, 2012

Best Day EVER!

Most of day 2 was spent bouncing back and forth between the beach and the pool.  Regardless of where we were there was someone there to bring us anything we wanted. :)

 The view from our pool beds...

There were suspicious brown bubbles in the water of the hot tub.  John swore they were not from him..... verdict is still out..

We laid around the pool until it was time for lunch.  John and Mark floated down stream in their water diapers in the direction of our Mexican lunch on the beach.

There is something wonderful about walking down the beach in your swim suit, grabbing a plate of Mexican food and listening to a live band while watching the ocean... after our first day of doing this, we knew we would return everyday for lunch.

After lunch we spent more time on the beach

 and then headed back to our rooms to get cleaned up for dinner.  We came back to find this....

It was so nice to find this special treat in our rooms.  The fruit was amazing and the grapes were the size of a golf ball..... so yummy.  The roses were beautiful and fragrant and even the petals were special.  We loved the banner so much we all have them hanging on our bedroom doors 5 months later.  I doubt I will ever take mine off unless I have another to replace it.

After showering we all met in the theater to head to dinner.  All of the food in the resort was amazing which made dinner a special time.  Because it was all inclusive, and because we had already paid for it, everything felt as if  it were free.  We could eat as much as we wanted and they were happy to bring us seconds of anything. 

 My cheese cake dessert...

We again enjoyed some live music while lounging in the theater.  At 9:00 each evening there was a live show in the outdoor theater.

We enjoyed our day so much.  Again we laughed and laughed, relaxed, ate incredible food, napped, oh and did I mention laugh?  We went our separate ways stating THIS was the BEST day ever.  Or was it???  Stay tuned for Day 3...

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