Friday, August 20, 2010

Wittenberg Move In Day 2010

We interrupt this vacation blog to bring you this news bulletin:

Leslie Nicole Jergens is now an official Wittenberg college student.  Mom Rachael and Dad Gregory couldn't be more proud of their daughter,former Centerville Elk, Leslie.

Pictures below were taken today and shown exclusively on this blog

This was the parent line of cars full of student dorm materials... Wittenberg staff approached the cars and had each student unloaded and their belongings placed in their dorm rooms in under 10 minutes.  Parents never lifted a finger, or carried a box.

A Firestine dorm hallway

Lobby on Leslie's floor

Leslie all moved in....

Her desk...

Her side of the room including rug..

Proud mom and dad with their Wittenberg Tiger...

Leslie with her room mate Carolanne. (who is super sweet)

Lunch on the lawn... very yummy.

Opening Ceremony for the class of 2014.  The students marched around the Wittenberg seal before arriving here for the opening ceremony.  They were told not to touch the seal as it could bring them bad luck throughout their four years at Witt.  They will reverse their march on graduation day where they can kiss, stomp, or roll on the seal as graduating seniors.

Wittenberg president....

Myers Hall, this building was used to house injured soldiers during the Civil War.  It has been around a long time and is a really neat building.

The fountain...

A bridge with mom's favorite building in the distance...

Mom's favorite building... The admissions building.

Inside the Admissions building...

Can you find Greg?

The side of the Admissions building...  love the architecture.

A Library...


Student Union

At the end of the day everyone was invited to the President's house for light refreshments.  Rachael was reported saying she was very thankful Greg doesn't have a job where over 2000 people are invited to their home each year.

President greeting everyone after they have all walked through his home.

The cute little tables where students and parents enjoyed their refreshments.

Random red chairs sprinkled around campus... looks like they are calling your name to come and relax.

Students and parents ended their day by having dinner together off campus.  Goodbyes were said at 7:45 as the students had a dorm meeting to attend at 8:00.  It was reported Mr. and Mrs. Jergens left the campus with misty eyes but was heard saying they were so proud of their daughter and they knew she was going to do great and has a bright future ahead of her.

Parents headed home leaving part of their hearts in Springfield Ohio; walked into their house with empty bedrooms and deafening quietness.  However, they went to bed that night with peace knowing they left their child in good hands at a great school and felt so happy to have been blessed with the chance to provide such a great opportunity for their child. 

What a day for both parents AND students.  The beginning of a new phase in life and a lot of change for everyone.  Good change that is.  Good luck Wittenberg class of 2014.... and GO TIGERS!

We now return you to your vacation blog already in progress.

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