Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Universal Studios/ Island of Adventure Day 2 ( Part 2 )

We made a bee line straight back into the Wizarding World once we entered Island of Adventure.  The crowd was considerably smaller than it was yesterday and we could actually walk around in Hogsmeade and SEE stuff.  Nick was thrilled there were no blues or yellows in sight.

We took our little shock proof camera with us on the  Dragons Challenge ride so we could get some pictures.  This is a picture of Ron Weasley's car which was thumbed by the Whomping Willow.

This is the back of Hagrid's house.

We headed into the castle for the ride the  Dragons Challenge.

  The Tri Wizard champion cup

The golden eggs with the wizards first challenge in them...

 This is the part of the ride where you must choose if you want to ride the Chinese Fireball or the Hungarian Horntail. Both are different roller coaster rides.

We rode the Hungarian Horntail our first time so we thought we would ride the Chinese Fireball our second time through.  We waited and waited only to find out the Fireball was having "Technical Difficulties" so we jumped over to the Hortail line.  Seconds after we jumped lines they came on the announcements and said the Fireball was back up and running.... ha ha.figures. :)  They are different rides with similarities so we didn't feel like me missed much.  We rode them both last time we were here anyway.  They built the Harry Potter stuff around an already established roller coaster and made it 10 times cooler.

After the  Dragons Challenge we headed back over to Harry Potters Forbidden Journey with our camera in hand .  We took pictures with our shock proof camera as to not take any chances on damaging our other camera.  It was very dark in many parts of the castle so we didn't get as many pictures as we would have liked.
Entrance into the castle

This is the green house for Professor Sprout's class



Mirror of Erised

 The pensive inside Dumbledore's office....

The Sorting hat was amazing.  It would talk to everyone while they waited in line and it looked so real.


The defense against the dark arts room



Ron, Hermione and Harry talked to us from a balcony as we walked through this room.

 The corridor of moving and talking pictures..they had conversations with one another.

 I want a shirt with this on it...


Harry Potter's Book of Monsters


The fat lady photo..

After leaving Hogwarts we waited to get into Ollivanders wand shop.

This gentleman took the time to display how a wand is chosen for a person.  In actuality, the wand chooses the person.  He picked a young man to step up and allow a wand to choose him.  It was very similar to how Harry Potter's wand chose him.  We were jealous we were not given the chance for OUR wand to choose us.  Why do all the little ones get all the fun? :)

Pictures inside Ollivanders

Leslie choosing her wand... since our wands couldn't choose us.

Leslie chose Hermione, I chose Harry Potter and Greg chose an Ollivander original wand.  All three came packaged in a really cool box.  Nick didn't want a wand so he purchased a Quaffle ball instead. It too is really cool.
Next was the Owlery...

Many packages waiting to be delivered via owl.

We finished out our day by eating at Burger Digs with our Meal Deal.  We were exhausted and were excited to board our ship in the morning.  On our way out Nick was asked to be part of a survey to help the park know what needed to be improved. 
He agreed....

We took one more look at the Hogwarts castle as we were exiting the park.  It looked so pretty at night... as if students were actually living inside it.

Every story is told better through a song...

Good night Universal.... Carnival here we come!

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