Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leslie's High School Graduation 2010


Les is now an official High School Graduate.

She was so pretty in her cap and gown. 

 I think had I smiled any more that day my face would have contorted to staying in that position indefinitely.

I was proud of myself as I only teared up a bit as the students marched in and I blame that on the music.  Anything put to music will may me cry.. happy or sad.

We sat close enough so Les could see us and she looked up at us several times during the ceremony with a smile. 


  Greg and I could have burst we had so much pride and love for her as we watched her those 2 hours.

Les with her good friend Jill.

Les with her Advisory for the past 4 years Penny Valentini

Leslie was supported by family who loved her enough to sit through a two hour ceremony.

Grandma and Grandpa Jergens

 Uncle Jamie, Aunt Amy and Cousin Maya


 Great Grandma Hoff

 Cousins Tom and Grace

 The family

 Les and Maya


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