Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look what MINE can do!

* Caution: Mother's bragging post*

I am using this blog as an avenue to brag about our children. I have never been one of those parents who always had the most up to date photo of their children when they bumped into old friends while at the grocery. Which is odd because I am a photo fanatic, but regardless I have one picture in my wallet and it is one of Leslie when she was in first grade. I have no clue why this is the only picture in my wallet... it just is.

I now have a blog, and I choose to brag about my kids here.... maybe I will make little cards to carry around with my blog address on it for when I bump into old friends. "Hi, great to see you again... no, sorry, I don't have any pictures of my children.. but HERE take this card and you can read my blog and know everything there is to know about me AND see all kinds of pictures of my kids...... Kinda creepy actually... never mind.

On with my bragging...... Nick and Leslie both took creative classes this year during their first semester in school. Leslie was in ceramics and Nick was in
wood shop.

Around Christmas time I became very excited when both our children told us we would be getting our Christmas gifts late this year because they were not finished with them. I could not wait to see what they had been working on.

Before Christmas Nick made this rocking horse.....

His class made them and then gave them to needy children in the
Centerville area. They were given the chance to purchase one if they wanted which I jumped on right away (not the horse, but the opportunity to purchase one). How sweet will this be for him to give to his children some day?

Leslie teased us as well with a hand made salsa bowl before Christmas. We eat salsa and chips a lot so this will be used continually in our home. We loved it and were very excited to see what else was to come.

This is our Christmas gift from Nick. It is a small table/chair/stool.

AND it has its own handle when it folds down. Very cool.

We have used it so much already just in our front room alone. We use it to set our laptops on it... food on it...
TV remotes on it. It is so cool to use it and think of Nick making it with his own hands.

This is what we
received from Les. It is one of the most beautiful tea sets I have seen. So original
and creative. The leaves and vines are so pretty and she did a great job making the cups so smooth. I cannot wait to sit outside this summer and drink some lemonade with our new hand made pitcher and cups that our daughter made for us with her own two hands.

Les still has one more item she has been working on. I will post pictures later after she brings it home.

Greg and I could burst with pride over our 2 kids. They are great kids both inside and out. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for them. Each time I get sad a little thinking about the days of when they were little being so far behind us, I get a little glimpse of what their future holds. Seeing them grow into the young lady and young man they are now makes me excited to see the adults they will be before long.

We know they are not perfect... as we are not perfect in raising them, but we sure have been very blessed as parents. We were dealt a very good hand. :)

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