Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

This year was our first year of not participating in our traditional family, junk food night. It is Leslie's senior year and we didn't want to deprive her of hanging with her friends her last year of high school. She was invited to attend a party at a friends house where parents were going to be there to supervise and they are all really good kids so we allowed her to go.

We also were invited to attend a good friend's wedding that night so we were torn. We planned our evening accordingly.

5:00.. Nick's friend Jonah arrives to hang out with Nick.
5:30 ..We drop Les off at her party
6:30 .. Greg and I arrive in Cincinnati for the wedding an hour early so we go out to dinner.
7:30.. Wedding begins.
8:05 ..Wedding ends and we head home.
9:00.. Arrive home to pick up Jonah and Nick and drop them off at a friends house for their party.
11:00 Pick Nick and Jonah up from their party and drive home to bring in the new year.
12:00 am... ring in the new year with Jonah and Nick... banging pans and toasting sparkling grape juice.
12:45 am Pick up Les from her party. She decided to come home instead of sleeping over at a friends house (we were all smiles).
1:15 Everyone home and safe and mom and dad can sleep soundly. :)

Here are a few pictures of Nick and Jonah enjoying their New Year.

This is the only picture I have of Leslie this New Year... she is the one with the Converse and polka dots. :)... isn't she cute?

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