Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Customer service at its best....

Greg and I went shopping for patio furniture this past weekend; now is the time to buy due to all the clearance sales. Our first stop was Sams club. We didn't remember seeing patio furniture there in the past but had seen other outdoor items so we gave it a shot.

So glad we did. When you first walk in the door of Sams (at least in the door of the one near the Dayton Mall) you will find a huge wall of flat screen TV's. You can't help but look at them, they are right in your face as soon as you walk in.

As we were looking at all the TV's we notice the TV we purchased last December from Sam's was now $300.00 cheaper. A nice gentleman walked over to ask if there was anything he could do to help us, Greg spoke up and said "yes". He proceeded to ask the nice man about price, before I go any further, I need to tell you when we purchased our TV last year in December we were told we could return our TV at anytime. We didn't really think much about it because we loved our new TV and unless something went wrong we wouldn't need to return it right?

Well, the nice man walked over to his manager, talked a few minutes, and then walked back over to us. He says... " The price adjustment depends on which manager you get when you come in, however you are welcome to return your TV and purchase a new one at the discounted price. You can return up to 2 years without a receipt, and indefinitely with a receipt".

Greg and I stood there looking at one another in disbelief. Did this man just tell us we could return our 9 month old TV with no questions asked and then purchase a new one at a lower price? Yep, that is exactly what he said.

After the gentleman walked away we started looking at all the other TV's. I mean if we were going to return the TV we should check out all our options. We found a 55 inch TV (ours was a 52 inch) with better specs for 300.00 less than what we paid for our original TV in December.

We still thought this was too good to be true so we drove home, researched the other TV online, and called Sams to speak to a manager personally. Greg reiterated the conversation he had with the nice man a few minutes ago to the manager, she confirmed the policy and told us to bring our TV down and she would be there to work with us. UNBELIEVABLE!

So, we loaded up our TV (no box) with cord and remote, drove down to Sams, unloaded it onto a cart and wheeled it in. They returned every penny we spent in December with only asking one question. "Is there anything wrong with this TV?" We said "No, just wanted a bigger better quality TV." We were honest. They said "Ok, thank you... sign here."

We turned around and purchased a larger, better TV and walked out with an extra 300.00 in our pockets.

We then took that extra 300.00 and purchased new, discounted patio furniture and still had 120.00 in our pockets. It was a good day at the Jergens house. :)

Moral of the story.... if you EVER are thinking of purchasing a TV.... buy it at Sams. We may do this again next year if something bigger and better comes along. Hold on to those receipts my friends!!!

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