Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tubing Thursday

OK, before I tell you about our adventure at Perfect North can I first talk about how weird the word tubing is??? I personally think it should be spelled toobing. Makes more sense then tubing... it sounds like we all packed up, drove to Indiana in the cold and took baths together.

Another saying that makes no sense at all is "cute as a button". After looking at this picture does the adjective "cute" come to mind???? Has anyone ever seen a cute button??

OK, maybe you have seen a couple cute buttons shaped as a crayon or something on a child's outfit but have you seen so many cute buttons that it would justify a saying being made from it??

I am done ranting now, these were a couple things I caught myself saying over Christmas break and I stopped and thought... "that is stupid". I probably won't use that phrase again until I make sense of it; I will do my research and get back to you.

OK, so we drove to Indiana to go toobing (my blog, I can spell it the way I want to). Nick is a member of the Centerville Ski Club through school and they organize an event called Toobing Thursday. It used to be called Toobing Tuesday, but this year we went on a Thursday hence the change in the name.

We all met at Watt's middle school, well, WE didn't meet them there... we were supposed to but Nick rode with us so we didn't have to follow the buses down. Anyway, we all met at Perfect North slopes. Once we arrived they had around 11 crock pots full of chili as well as at least 9 cheese cakes for everyone to eat. This is a tradition with the club for this particular night. Parents volunteer to make Chili and Cheese cake and the food is transported out to Perfect North for families to enjoy while toobing.

The food was delicious.

After eating we ventured outside to start toobing. I had never been toobing before so this was a new experience for me. Greg and Nick had gone last year with our church so they knew what to do.

We picked out our tubes and then headed toward what looked like a big people mover from Universal Studios. ( There is another one of those words.... mover... shouldn't it be moover?)

Our tubes had a leash so we could drag it behind us, it took me a few minutes to get used to stepping onto the people mover while dragging my tube.

This picture is rather blurry, but you can kinda see the people mover.

Our first time down the hill was fun... we separated and each took a different lane and went down at the same time. We figured out the heavier you are the faster you go. The rest of the night we locked tubes and rode down all four of us at the same time by hold on to each other. It was great fun. We took turns riding in the front but it was the most fun with Greg in the lead... we would scream down the hill at rapid speeds with more weight in the front. The perfect ride was Greg, then me, Les and Nick. We would get air with this combination.

In the blurry picture above you can see Nick sitting down on his tube while riding up the people mover. I mistakenly thought it was a good idea and tried it myself. It started out well and I was enjoying the relaxation of the ride when my tube decided to shift and half of it slipped off the mover. I was then half on the tube, half on the mover and the tube was half on the mover and half off. It ended up as me flipping around like a fish out of water half on and half off the mover while my family laughs hysterically at me. Greg actually filmed it but it was too dark to make out (thank goodness). So, as you can imagine I was thrilled to be such a great source of entertainment for my family. I finally got straightened out but the laughing did not cease for quite a while.

Here are some pictures at the top of the hill

It was a great evening. We laughed and laughed and found out it hurts to smile while going down a hill at rapid speeds. There were no glowing boxes (computers, cell phones, ipods, Xboxes or PSPs) it was family bliss on the hill. :) Gotta love it when you can take a 13 and 16 year old on a family outing and EVERYONE has a great time. Praise the Lord. :) We will definitely go again next year.

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