Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photographs, Pompino Joes and Portraits

Day 5 was cloudy, but not as rainy as the day before.  Greg, Nick and Jonah decided to head out and watch the new Transformers movie.  Anthony, Les and I stayed back at the condo to hang on the beach.

I walked down the beach further and hung out with the sea gulls again and captured some "beach"  activities with my camera.

The waves were so high and beautiful.  Little did I know as I was walking the beach and taking pictures, Les and Anthony were getting beat up by the waves outside our condo.  They were boogie boarding and a wave took Anthony and slammed him to the bottom of the ocean.  He had scrape marks on his forehead to prove it.  They were having fun regardless.


Blue Jelly Fish... .I assumed he was a boy.....

      Someone took his piece of bread..... and he was NOT happy.

 Anthony, Leslie and I went back to the condo to get cleaned up and wait for the rest of the group to return for dinner.  We had plans to eat at Pompino Joes (thanks to Anthony we have the name of the restaurant 3 months later when I am writing this blog).  We had passed this restaurant several times during our trips to Wal-Mart and thought it looked like a nice place to have dinner.

We all had a wonderful dinner together.  We sat near an open widow with a warm, salty breeze blowing across the table.  We laughed and had a great time.  Our waiter continued to make us aware of the fact his service would have been much better had he not still been recovering from a horrible upper respiratory infection.  It was lovely thinking of all the germs we all probably ingested from him over the course of our meal.

After dinner we went back to the condo and changed into our "group photo" outfits.  I had purchased everyone matching shirts from American Eagle specially for this picture.  My first trip to AE I purchased "v" neck T-shirts for the guys.  Apparently it is not cool for high school guys to wear V-necks... how was I to know it was a social statement?  I went BACK to AE, exchanged their shirts for regular T-shirts so they would agree to be seen in the group photo.  ANYWAY, don't they look nice?


      After all of the serious poses we had some fun.....

     I believe the  remaining photos are courtesy of Anthony Joseph Rohrer

The rest of the evening was spent watching corny TV, snacking on food, laughing, video games, and picture editing.  Another great day of vacation in Destin Florida.

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