Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun Day at Sea #2

We leisurely woke the next day and had a lot of laziness on our minds.  There were things to do all day long thanks to the cruise director, but we chose to set our own schedule and do whatever we wanted to do.  The kids met with friends early and had lunch at Truffles lounge instead of eating at the Unicorn Cafe.  They said the lunch was just as wonderful as dinner and our waiter was the one who served them.
There were set times you had to eat if you wanted to eat at Truffles and Greg and I didn't feel like following a schedule.  We ate when we felt like it at the Unicorn Cafe while we sat at a table over looking the water. 


It was hard to believe this was our last day on the ship, the trip went by so quickly.  We had an amazing time and we truly felt blessed to have the opportunity to share this time with our kids.

Greg and I spent a lot of time walking around the ship taking a lot of pictures which I have already posted in my earlier posts.  We sat around the pool for a while listening to the live music, eating ice cream.  If we got hungry we would stroll into the cafe and eat something.   I sooooo wasn't ready to head back to reality.  How would I fit my afternoon nap in?  Food wouldn't magically appear anymore when people were hungry.

Nick will be devastated to find out I have not included the towel animals in any of my posts.  They were the highlight of his cruise and he made us keep each one of them in our closet so the house keeping wouldn't take them.   Each night we would return from our dinner and show and one of these guys would be there to greet us.  Nick loved them so much we bought him the book on how to make towel animals.  We told him we expected to see them on our beds at night once we were home... he made one.

It was sad to go to dinner our last time with our waiters.  They were so fun and we really looked forward to seeing them each night.

 They made Nick the Statue of Liberty... they laughed and laughed and thought it was REALLY funny.

 The next day was Nick's 15th birthday so they brought him out a piece of cake with a candle on it.  They asked how old he was and when we told them they started laughing and said they thought he was 10.  Let me tell you, Nick did NOT find this funny.  They were quite the duo too... I think they should audition for American Idol.

Our last dance.... 

 Our last picture... sniff sniff

Our last sunset on the ship....

Greg and I went to the show and then called it an early night.  We went back to our cabin to pack because all our luggage had to be placed outside our door that night in order for it to be checked.  We didn't want to lug around all our bags all morning the next day waiting to exit the ship.  We were sad to see our time on the ship come to an end.  After spending a week of being pampered, the thought of going back to work and living in the real world again was quite depressing.  We were however fully rested and we created many, many memories to last a life time.  AND we STILL had one more day at Universal with Potter. :)

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